Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Smart Emails

In Mr Baxendine's reading class we have been learning about smart emails whether its formal or informal. We have also been learning about buying things on trade me and seeing if its alright to buy it.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The crocodile attack

one day a man went fishing in his boat so he, put out his fishing rod and threw it out in the sea, but something was biting it he felt terrifying until he saw a shadow in the water and out jumped a gigantic crocodile and banging, and slapping his tail on the boat and the boat was breaking into pieces.

The Bull Chase

One day a man was walking around town, When he was walking he saw a wild bull surrounded by a strong fence. The lock broke and the bull ran towards the man, He was terrified, the bull was about to attack him so he was trying to escape but there was no place to run, so the bull ran and there was dust and the man couldn’t see the bull bursted in the air and the man sprinted in the water swimming as fast as he could. The bull couldn’t swim that fast so the bull went back on land and the man ran off shocked.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My recount rubric

On Monday the 7th of September on the school field we had cross country. The time came where we had to run our fastest.

People got ready and went into their house colours. Their was some changes on cross country day. We had to had a early lunch time and waited until the bell rang. RING RING RING, I was zooming straight to class and lined up to go straight to the courts.

We sat down on the ground , waiting until the teachers said a couple of things. First it was the year 1 boys to run, They were all pumped up I could tell on the face that they,  were ready to race as hard as they could. Parents in the crowed cheering for their daughter or son hoping they will come 1st.

The time came where we had to line up and run. The principal said “on your mark get set GO!!!” . I was running as fast as I could I never stopped. I was zooming, running, sweat was coming down on my face. I was getting exhausted and exhausted every time I took 1 step. We went in a straight line ran around the cones through the gate. And went through the revolting mud. The mud felt squishy and yuck it splashed onto my feet and I nearly lost my balance. I was running and running as fast as I could.

We had a cup of water to make us calm down. I was puffing and puffing because my legs were exhausted. We sat down and watched the year 8 girls run. My feet were covered in mud it was awful. We lined up again to go back to class. The students at Pt England school was colourful because we were dressed in our house colours. The colours were red, green, yellow and blue. After cross country I went back to class to get my bag and shoes and went back home from there. I felt cheerful because I came in 6th place and it was the best day I have ever had.