Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Crusher

The crusher

Have you ever seen a plane come out of no where? well listen and read and you will feel like you were there like me!!!

On Monday I was going on a trip with my friends, we were going on a safari trip it was so cool. But suddenly I felt strange the animals knew, something was happening? It was Nosily
it was loud every time we were driving it got even louder. But out of no where the animals ran away Quickly. I spoke to the driver and then she said “they're just shy thats all”. But I never believed her.

I was sitting down thinking inside and saying, to myself am I being crazy do I feel Madly inside. I was so sweaty because I thought I was going to die, then the bright sunlight shined right in my face, Until one of my friends came up to, me and said “are you alright do you need a glass of water”. Then I took a glass of water but It didn’t work. I was being Selfishly but out of no where a enormous white plane came and was destroying the ground. I got up and I was trying to be Calmly but I didn’t so I ran for my life.

When I looked behind me the plane was coming even further, There was dust coming towards my eyes I was getting Blindly, But I never gave up I was running quickly as I could, My friends were in tears. But then I saw a car I ran to it as quickly, as I could and tried to turn it on but it was out of gas, so I couldn’t do nothing about it. The plane was still crashing into the ground I was so tired we have been running for 1 hour, Until the plane stopped so me my friends sat down, on the hot ground and waited until we calmed down. We went into the plane and checked if their were any survivors.

But when we went to see their was no one in their. But these people came to us and Politely invited us to their house. After one day later we saw a plane, these people said we could use it we, turned it on and then we flew off to go back home. I was so excited that we were going back home. My mum said to me “how was the trip” so I said “It was quite a Happily adventure”.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The job I want to apply for

Hi my name is Paige and this is a job I really want to apply for. Team 4 has this website where you can apply for this job. So today Mr Baxendines literacy class has given a chance to do this.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Hi my name is Paige and this is my animation about Biodiversity. Last
term we have given a task to learn about biodiversity and to do that we
have done a animation and a voice over to show you what Biodiversity
is and to explain to you what we are talking about. Hope you enjoy my movie

Monday, 3 August 2015

About trees. Do you think we should cut down trees?

This video was made by Sheales, Stacey, Anna, and me. this video is about trees
I have a question. My question is about do you think we should cut trees down. While making this video it 
was loads of fun. 

My minecraft selfie

In literacy class we have given a task to do a pixel art of your self. We call 
it a minecraft selfie. It was a lot of fun.