Friday, 29 July 2016

Shoes of the Olympics!

Walt: write effectively for a particular audience and purpose. Walt: express our ideas clearly and thoughtfully.
Walt: compare (and contrast) successful Olympic shoes over almost 90 years, looking at how and why technology changed over time. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Today in maths we have been creating 3D buildings in our groups. We have been learning to do Geometry in our groups to? And the winner gets a special prize which is Hot chips :)

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Samoan Warrior - Extension/Narrative Story

As you can see the yr 5&6 Extension students have been creating our own pacific artworks by using
hyperstudio! We were given a task to create our own warrior and our own back round. So as you
can see my artwork is done and now I am just animating my animation!

Long ago in 1543 in the islands of Samoa there was a newborn baby, who was raised by his parents. So they decided, to name him Alepati. Alepati’s father was the leader of their tribe and, ever since Alepati was born Raitaku the leader of the other tribe wanted him gone. So before Alepati was born Alepati’s father made a deal with Raitaku. Raitaku said “In 18 years time on Alepati’s birthday I shall return”.

Over the years, Alepati’s father made weapons out of stone and wood, to fight Raitaku when he returned. Alepati’s father taught him how to stand strong and fight when danger comes ahead. As years went by, Alepati turned 18 years old, and sadly his father died. Alepati tried to stay strong, but standing strong without his father was the hardest thing Alepati ever had to do.

When Alepati was growing up he changed. His eyes were light hazel brown eyes frowned whenever he thought of his father. And he lived in a small village in the islands of Samoa.  He was intelligent, brave, and fearless. He had light black hair and he had incredibly strong muscles and lots of strength. Alepati was now the leader of his tribe.

One day, strange noises could be heard in the forest. Alepati's heart was suddenly pounding fast.  That's when he knew he was in deep danger. Suddenly he saw warriors from an enemy tribe. Alepati was shocked,  furious and nervous because he didn't want his people to get hurt. Alepati quickly gathered all of his people and gave them weapons to fight.

Everywhere that Alepati looked, there were people fighting. Everyone stood back to let Alepati and Raitaku Fight. But Alepati refused to fight Raitaku. But Alepati had no choice but to fight but only for his people, his home, for his dad! Alepati had cuts on his stomach and arm and they were bleeding painfully!

They were still fighting and fighting and Raitaku tried to end it with Alepati! But then Alepati put his sword out and it went straight in the middle of Raitaku’s stomach which was where his heart was…… And from now on everyone remembered that day, and there were no danger at all!