Saturday, 21 May 2016

Archie Baxter - Reading


Archie Baxter was born in Saddle Hills on 13 December 1881. Archie Left school when he was 12 years old and started working on a farm. The reason Archie left school at age 12 was because his family was poor so he had no choice but to leave school and work on a farm. Archie had to face a horrifying punishment for being a conscientious objector. He got tied to a hard wooden pole and stayed out in the cold freezing weather, like that. His entire body was freezing like a statue and his hands were, dripping down blood because of the coldness. But Archie did not give up so he stayed like that until he got let go. Archie had a wonderful wife that he married on 12 february 1921. Archie had 2 children named, Terence and James. Terence and James followed their parents footsteps and had a wonderful life the End.

( Superhero Character Description )

Meet Fearless Shadow the Terminator!!! He is Strong, and incredibly amazing. His superpowers are, flight, teleportation, super speed, and super strength. Fearless Shadow is the age 18 years old. He might be young but he is super strong.

Fearless Shadows mission is to help people in need, like if they need help with their homework… Just kidding if they need help like if someone stole from them he will help them no matter what. Fearless Shadow can also predict the future. He also has dark brown eyes like dark chocolate. And of course black hair like an American Black bear. 

He has the best suit that any superhero could possibly wear. Its a full black suit with a bit of silver on it, along with a black and silver cape. And of course black shoes with a little bit of detail with the colour silver. So his suit is pretty much the colour black and silver. But he is incredibly handsome it's like no can resist him.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Harry's War - Reading Follow Up

Immersion Assembly - Teacher Vengers!!!!

Bang! Kapoof! Yes it was finally here, the first day of school and everyone was so thrilled, to see what their team was doing. I was wondering what our crazy teachers were going to do for this term. I was walking around the school and I saw Mr Somerville dressed like Captain America, you know the one from Marvel Avengers. And I said to myself what is our teachers up to now! We all sat in the hall and we started watching movies from other Teams.

My teachers from Team 4 was so crazy they did like a superhero movie. And our movie was called Teacher Vengers. Our Team 4 movie was so funny and cool at the same time! Mr Somerville was dressed like Captain America, but his name was Team Leader America! Mrs Lavakula was dressed like wonder women but instead, her name was wondering women! Mr Goodwin was acting like BatMan but, instead of BatMan it was Bat Guy! Mr Baxendine wasn't exactly a human he was kinda like, a teddy bear and his name was Bear Baxendine!

So this Term our topic is called As I See It and it is all about art. And for Team 4 we are learning about superheros and comic book art. And this is going to be super fun! I can’t wait to see what we are going to be doing in class it will be spectacular.

Wk 2 - Problem Solving!!

Walt: Divide into Parts

This week we are learning to solve questions by Dividing it into parts.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Mult Using 3 Digits

Walt: Solve Problems Using Multiplication Strategies.

As you can see in maths I have been doing Multiplication Strategies. If you look at my maths problem solving you will find something interesting. Please Enjoy!!!