Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Story starter!

If u want to make your own story starter click the photo above!

Once upon a time there was a mum bee who just had a son. Four years she didn’t know what to name him, until when she found out that every time her son talked to her he always wished that he was strong. So the mum named her son strong bee, her son was so proud of his new name. Strong bee was 6 years old, His skin colour was orange and yellow, He loved soap and bubbles.

Strong bee was waiting until it was christmas he always wished he had soap bubbles so he can ride on it. It was finally time for christmas gifts everywhere, and strong bee woke up flew down stairs and shouted out “CHRISTMAS IT'S CHRISTMAS MUM”. Strong bees mum woke up went down stairs and gave strong bee his gift.

Strong bee was so happy and when he saw his gift he finally got soap bubbles. So he ran to his mum hugged her and said “thank you mum you are the best”. He went outside with his soap bubbles he blew it outside he went to jump on it but, it kept on popping he tried it many times but it still kept on popping. So he went up to his room put heaps of things in the soap, bubble and tried to make it work so he can

ride on it and it finally worked. Strong bee dashed outside blew the soap bubble and it worked. He was so thrilled that his soap bubbles worked.

Strong bee hoped on the soap bubbles and rode around on the soap bubbles in his backyard.

Kawau Island Poster!!!

Talofa lava and this is my Kawau Island poster that I have done! The reason why I did this was to remember all the fun things we have done while we were on camp! It was really amazing when we got there we got to do, heaps of activities and things that we haven't even tried before! I wish we could go back to Kawau Island and just live there!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Behind the door!


(], via Wikimedia Commons Years ago their was a girl with dark, hazel hair with blue eyes and her name was Abby. Abby grew up with her best friend Lucinda. Lucinda had dark black hair, with green eyes and a red bow that she would wear above her hair. The two of them did everything together and they would never leave each other’s side. One day the sun shone through Abby’s window flashing it into her eyes. White birds that were like snow were chirping softly. Abby sprinted outside and went to go play with Lucinda.

As they were playing they decided they wanted to go and play in the forest, that was near their small village that they lived in. They were zooming around the mossy, green grass, until Lucinda came across this crusty old door. The door was light brown, with smashed windows and bugs hanging around it. They wanted to go and discover what was behind the door but as soon as the sun was setting down slowly, they knew that they needed to go back home quickly.

The next day Lucinda went over to Abby’s home and they sat, together on the table. Lucinda whisperly said, “Abby maybe we should go back and go to that weird looking door?”. Abby whispered, “But we are not allowed what if we get in trouble?”. Lucinda Whispered, “Just say that we are going to play like usual, and then we will run to that mysterious door”. Abby nervously said, “Fine sounds like a plan!”. They ran into the forest with excitement but as soon as they reached the door, they stopped and stared…

They were worried and scared because they didn’t know what was behind that door. Lucinda slowly put her hands on the handle, and was opening it slowly. The door was making a squeaky sound and it was loud. The door was finally opened but then Abby softly said, “Ummm who's going first through the door?”. Lucinda said, “You are I ain’t going through the door first!”. So they both decided to go throught it together and as soon as they stepped one foot through the door, it was breathtaking.

There was animals running around, and people living there as well, it was magical. It’s like they entered a whole new world. This girl came and said, “So I am guessing you’s don’t know about this place?”. They looked at each other and said “Yep we just found this door and we found this place!”. She said, “This is a secret place so you can come whenever you like just don’t tell anybody promise”. And they shouting, “We promise”. They ran back home and every time they would play, they would always go through that door! The End.

A wild adventure!


A long time ago 2 kids were born, their names were Bella and Max. They were both brother and sisters and they loved to adventure. However in their village their was a cave that lead to a magical place where no one has ever been, where no one has ever saw, or seen? Only because they were not allowed, the person that was the leader of the village said that it was dangerous, so they believed him but the thing was that they didn’t know, that he was only lying! And his name was Lukas the 4th.

Bella and Max would play games in the forest, jungle, at the waterfall until they decided that they wanted to go on a real adventure. The next day they ran out of the house and went to the waterfall! Bella was swinging off vines and falling into the water until she, saw something shiny, something beautiful! So she went to where it was shiny and saw a big massive cave, and then she said “Brother look at this we should go and look”. But Max said “No we cannot Lukas will get us in trouble”.

So Max and Bella went back home to make sure that they don’t get in trouble or anything. In the middle of the night Bella couldn’t stand a chance but to go and look in the cave so she snuck out and ran. Bella couldn’t believe her eyes so she decided to go and explore what was hiding behind the cave. The sun was shining and Max was looking for Bella? He was worried and so as his mother. They didn’t know where to look but the only place where they could find her was in the cave.

Max and his mother walked near the cave, and they were surprised to see what was hiding behind it. It was magical it was unbelievable! It was another world! Until Lukas found them and said “I thought I told you not to come here”. Bella saw them and her mother said “We are sorry we will go back”. Bella ran down to them and said “You lied you said that we were not allowed to come here because it was dangerous”. Bella was furious! She said “All these times you were lying to us how could you!

Bella, Max, and their mother told everyone that Lukas was lying to them so they all got rid of Lukas the 4th and went to go and see what was hiding behind the cave. They built a new village and their new leader was Bella. Everyone was safe and happy and they started a new life behind the cave. The end!

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Walt:  solve problems using algebraic equations.

In maths we have been learning to solve problems by using algebraic equations! Its been difficult trying to learn these kind of things but its been fun! I hope we learn about these again!

Measuring Angles - Triangles!

Walt:  measure the angles of a triangle.

In maths we have been learning to measure the angles of a triangle! It helps us learn and its really fun!!

Paige's Animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Talofa lava my name is Paige and this is my animation about a solid, liquid and gas! This terms theme was called! And our theme is all about the changing states of matter! So I hope you have time to watch my animation!

Monday, 31 October 2016


Walt:  confidently answer maths questions under testing conditions.
Walt: reflect on where we are at in maths, and where we need more support.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Kayaking Trip - Narrative

Everything was falling apart. Everyone wasn’t safe here no one was, everyone was gone one by one and we didn’t know how. Emma was young she use to get told stories like fiction stories. She didn’t believe in them until everything fell in pieces. Her mother told her to run as far as you can and to never stop. She was devastated, depressed, nervous so she kept on running and never stopped. She met 3 people that she never saw in her life. Their names were Julie, Lucas, and Maya, they were walking near a lake it was called Lake Champlain.

That lake would lead you somewhere where nobody would ever find you. So they when in their kayaks and started kayaking down the lake. They were spending their lives without food, they were losing hope thinking they couldn’t survive. The sun was setting down and they kayaked near this grass with lots of trees surrounded. They were peacefully asleep until…. Emma woke up she could hear footsteps walking around, she heard noises so she woke up everyone and told them to hurry up and start kayaking. One of them saw them and said “Hey you everyone over here”. They looked furious, angry, scary, they had their huge guns in their hands they were getting ready to shoot.

They quickly ran to the kayaks and started kayaking fast to get away. The others said “Look they're getting away”. But they were too fast for them so the people with the guns walked away. They knew that they will come back but they didn’t know so they kept on kayaking. 3 days have been past and they were scared, worried, depressed but they wouldn’t give up. They didn’t see those people again so they were safe, so they kept on kayaking and kayaking, and kayaking and finally they found land. They kayaked so fast and when they got in land there was heaps of people their, so they thought that maybe they escaped as well.

Everyone was safe but they weren’t safe for long. To be continued….

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Paige's Olympics

Paige's Olympics from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Through out this term we have been creating our own animation about the Olympics! It was really fun and cool doing this animation and I hope we do something like this again!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Pavlovas Padlet

Created with Padlet

Walt: understand what a refugee is
Walt: synthesis readings into our own words
Walt: understand and use new and interesting vocab
Key Concept: Why is the Refugee Olympic Team important?

Friday, 9 September 2016

The Life of Usain Bolt

As you can see Usain Bolt is a famous sprinter in the whole wide world! So let’s go back where everything changed, and started for Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt was just a little kid and he had school. He didn’t have that much time, so he was sprinting all the way to school but he was so, worried about being late for school that he forgot his lunch. He finally made it just in time for school. After everyone was finished doing learning, they all walked to their bags, got out their lunch and walked outside to eat.

Usain Bolt was really upset because he forgot his lunch at home. He walked outside and looked around and saw everyone having lunch, everyone except for him. He peacefully sat by himself without any lunch until someone that was really tall offered him, if he want any lunch. But to get it he had to run against another person to get it. Usain Bolt took the risk because it smelt delicious! Delightful! Yummy! So he accepted the challenge that he gave him. On your marks! Get set! GO!

Usain Bolt was running as fast as he could he was, behind the the other person until he looked behind him and saw the food that the other person was holding in his hand. So Usain Bolt sprinted it all the way and he was running, and running, and running and he won! He was so excited he was jumping up and down. So then Usain Bolt got his food and started to eat every single bit until all of it was gone.

So then Usain Bolt loved running so the person that gave him the food decided to train him, to sprint. Usain Bolt's sprinting were growing faster and faster everyday and now he has been sprinting for the rest of his life! So now Usain Bolt is now at the olympics winning medals for his country Jamaica. The End!

Athlete Advice Column

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Is the technology a P.E.D { Performance Enhancing Drug }

The technology that is used for athletes can be an unfair advantage, meaning that they can win easily. The cost of the technology means that it can only be used by athletes that can actually afford the technology.

For Example - The technology that athletes are using can be considered as cheating because now all of the olympic athletes are winning now all of a sudden? And since the olympics have been here and gone, records have been way faster than it ever was before, like that's impossible. It’s just like an athlete that's sprinting will win if they have the technology, unlike the others without the technology wouldn’t win, because without the technology they will never win. Well… they would win if its possible. Its just the same as swimming it’s just the same thing. So do you see what I am trying to tell you here? Maybe not? Did you know back in the days the olympic records have been the same like, every 12 years until now records are being broken like every time the olympics come, that's IMPOSSIBLE!

And the technology has also been considered as a P.E.D. Why? Because if someone can afford the technology and the other person can’t then, the person with the technology is like more likely to you know win. So from the looks of it this isn’t fair, it’s just like if you were to use P.E.D and that is way not fair either. And another thing is what happens if like a country or a bunch, of athletes were like poor and were very low on money. They won’t be able to afford running shoes they wouldn’t even be able to afford, the technology. But unlike other people that are rich, they will have everything they need to compete during the olympics, like forget it they can even buy a mansion or 100 houses.  

So I think that the technology should have like limits and rules put in place about the technology because, it isn’t fair for the people that can’t afford the technology. Well I know some of yous will agree with me well maybe not maybe no one will. But what do you think?? Please feel free to comment below and what do you think?? Do you think that the technology is a P.E.D??

Paige's Newspaper Article!

WALT: make connections between texts and apply the knowledge to a new situation.
Walt: understand why people make particular choices and how their choice can impact themselves and others. WALT: condense ideas and paraphrase these into my own words.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Olympic Movie.

Olympics2 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

As you can see I have been creating a movie with 2 of these girls in my reading class. Its be lots of fun doing the movie and I hope you learnt something about what we have said during this movie. But yea its been fun doing this movie and it has also been fun learning about something new.

Pavlovas Padlet!

Thursday, 11 August 2016


So what makes the Olympics so special? So a long time ago the Olympics was an Ancient Greek tradition. All of the athletes across the land always got together to compete in the sport events. But now the Olympics are held once every four years! And the Olympics also gave a chance for one country to show the world what they can do! So now all of the athletes come together as one to compete in sports! And that’s what makes the Olympics so special!

So as everyone knows if you're getting ready to either play rugby, netball, or swimming you have to always train your hardest. So what's some of the things that help athletes train? So just imagine if you were going to be sprinting to compete in the Olympics? You would have to wake up early, eat healthy and train for about 4 to 5 hours a day or a week? But you don’t always have to do that you could do it a different way compared to what I just told you? If you're not interested in sprinting we could just talk about swimming? So what's something that swimmers do to train their hardest? Swimmers wear tight clothing to help them go faster. So the wind can go sort of over them to help them go faster. Well something like that but yea let's move on to the next paragraph.


At the Olympics there are all sorts of things that help the athletes win? Just like hyper speed cameras. Hyper speed cameras record things that go fast or if someone is running fast! It helps the athletes to get better or become better at what, they have to work on while their running. While sprinting sprinters always wear shoes. But shoes that they think that will make them go fast? There's all sort of shoes and brands that athletes wear? But did you notice that a long time ago that running shoes had spikes under them to help them grip onto the race track? It's fascinating, I didn’t even know that until now? But look how much the technology has changed now?

In every Olympic game when somebody wins? They have all sorts of emotions that they feel because they won of course? You could either feel thrilled, Ecstatic, Delighted. Why?? Well ummmm it's obvious because like imagine if you won the Olympic games? Everyone will be proud of you. Your friends, family, teachers, well your whole country will be proud of you! And if you win the Olympics you get paid thousands of dollars!! And I mean like thousands!!! You could even search it up and you will see how much you get if you won the Olympic games. If you watch some of the Olympic videos you will see how much reactions there was. People were crying because they trained for so long and their training has paid off because they have won!!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Pie Graphs! Paige, Latu, Glennes

Walt: organise data and interpret various data graphs.Walt: identify the correct whole/part unknown strategy.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Cycling Poster?

Walt: locate and summarise ideas
Walt: ask questions after reading to clarify our thinking and discuss what we are still wondering.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Pictographs and Bar Graphs!

Walt: organise data and interpret various data graphs.Walt: identify fractions of a whole.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Shoes of the Olympics!

Walt: write effectively for a particular audience and purpose. Walt: express our ideas clearly and thoughtfully.
Walt: compare (and contrast) successful Olympic shoes over almost 90 years, looking at how and why technology changed over time. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Today in maths we have been creating 3D buildings in our groups. We have been learning to do Geometry in our groups to? And the winner gets a special prize which is Hot chips :)

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Samoan Warrior - Extension/Narrative Story

As you can see the yr 5&6 Extension students have been creating our own pacific artworks by using
hyperstudio! We were given a task to create our own warrior and our own back round. So as you
can see my artwork is done and now I am just animating my animation!

Long ago in 1543 in the islands of Samoa there was a newborn baby, who was raised by his parents. So they decided, to name him Alepati. Alepati’s father was the leader of their tribe and, ever since Alepati was born Raitaku the leader of the other tribe wanted him gone. So before Alepati was born Alepati’s father made a deal with Raitaku. Raitaku said “In 18 years time on Alepati’s birthday I shall return”.

Over the years, Alepati’s father made weapons out of stone and wood, to fight Raitaku when he returned. Alepati’s father taught him how to stand strong and fight when danger comes ahead. As years went by, Alepati turned 18 years old, and sadly his father died. Alepati tried to stay strong, but standing strong without his father was the hardest thing Alepati ever had to do.

When Alepati was growing up he changed. His eyes were light hazel brown eyes frowned whenever he thought of his father. And he lived in a small village in the islands of Samoa.  He was intelligent, brave, and fearless. He had light black hair and he had incredibly strong muscles and lots of strength. Alepati was now the leader of his tribe.

One day, strange noises could be heard in the forest. Alepati's heart was suddenly pounding fast.  That's when he knew he was in deep danger. Suddenly he saw warriors from an enemy tribe. Alepati was shocked,  furious and nervous because he didn't want his people to get hurt. Alepati quickly gathered all of his people and gave them weapons to fight.

Everywhere that Alepati looked, there were people fighting. Everyone stood back to let Alepati and Raitaku Fight. But Alepati refused to fight Raitaku. But Alepati had no choice but to fight but only for his people, his home, for his dad! Alepati had cuts on his stomach and arm and they were bleeding painfully!

They were still fighting and fighting and Raitaku tried to end it with Alepati! But then Alepati put his sword out and it went straight in the middle of Raitaku’s stomach which was where his heart was…… And from now on everyone remembered that day, and there were no danger at all!

Monday, 27 June 2016

My Comic Animation!!!

Paige's Comic Animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

We had to create our own animation about comic superheroes. During this term we have been learning a lot about superheroes and comic books. I hope you enjoy my animation bye!!!

Friday, 24 June 2016

Real Life Heroes!

In 1969 John Rend-all and Anthony Ace rescued a little lion cub which they named Christian the lion. People thought that they were crazy like, why would anyone care and help a little lion. But John and Ace didn't care about what the others said. They just knew that everyone needs another chance. Back at John an Ace’s home they cared for the lion and did everything they could for him until he grew up.

Christian the lion was slowly growing and growing. So it was time for John and Ace to release Christian into the wild in south Africa. After 1 year Christian’s former owners decided to visit him again. They wanted to visit him again to see if, Christian would remember them or not. And indeed Christian did remember them. Christian the lion also became the king and the leader of his pride. And Christian also introduced his former owners to his wife.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Paige's Extension Narrative - Polynesian Warriors

Long ago in 1543 there was a newborn baby, who was raised by his parents. So they decided, to name him Alepati. Alepati’s father was the leader of their tribe and, ever since Alepati was born Raitaku the leader of the other tribe wanted him gone. So before Alepati was born Alepati’s father made a deal with Raitaku. Raitaku said “In 18 years time on Alepati’s birthday I shall return”.

Over the years, Alepati’s father made weapons out of stone and wood, to fight Raitaku when he returned. Alepati’s father taught him how to stand strong and fight when danger comes ahead. As years went by, Alepati turned 18 years old, and sadly his father died. Alepati tried to stay strong, but standing strong without his father was the hardest thing Alepati ever had to do. When Alepati closed his eyes he dreamed about making the world a better place for everyone.   

As Alepati grew up he changed a lot. The brave young warrior's light hazel brown eyes frowned whenever he thought of his father. And he lived in a small village in Samoa. He was intelligent, brave, and fearless. He had light black hair and he had incredibly strong muscles and lots of strength. Alepati was now the leader of his tribe.

One day, strange noise's could be heard in the forest. Alepati's heart was suddenly pounding fast. That's when he knew he was in deep danger. Suddenly he saw warriors from an enemy tribe. Alepati was shocked, furious and nervous because he didn't want his people to get hurt. Alepati quickly gathered all of his people and gave them weapons to fight.

Everywhere that Alepati looked, there were people fighting. Even worse were kids were screaming and crying begging them to stop. Alepati and Raitaku were fighting. But Alepati refused to fight Raitaku. Raitaku tripped Alepati and then Raitaku pinned Alepati to the ground and faced his weapon towards Raitaku. 

Raitaku gave up he said to himself “I am sorry father for letting you down I just wanted to make everything right”. So Alepati closed his eyes and heard a whisper in his head saying “Son don’t ever give up you are stronger then this get up and finish it”. Alepati said “Fighting is not the answer to this it will just cause more danger and everyone will be gone and there will be nobody left”.

Everyone agreed to Alepati, everyone except for Raitaku. Alepati said “Come on Raitaku join us to make everything right, fighting is never the answer so join us please”. Raitaku said “Never". Alepati and Raitaku were near a cliff until Raitaku lost balanced and then tripped over a rock and fell down! But Alepati was sad but happy at the same time. By then everyone was happy and there was no danger at all!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Wk 4 - Problem Solving

Wk 5 - Problem Solving

Will He Save her!

 It was a dark night and Mary Jane was walking around until she saw a shadow behind her. It kept on following her and following her until someone quickly grabbed her and covered her eyes and mouth, to stop her from seeing anything and to stop her from screaming for help. Mary Jane was Spider man's best friend, but suddenly Spider man felt strange like something bad has happened to Mary Jane. And indeed something bad has happened to Mary Jane, because a while back Spider man put a tracking device on Mary Jane just In case something bad happened to her which he didn't know about. And when Spider Man followed the tracking device it leaded him to this abandoned tower where Mary Jane has been held.

Spider man took the risk and went inside the abandoned tower, and while he was walking he was taking step by step just in case he got caught by any bad guys. He kept on walking until he heard voices so he followed it and it took him to stairs, and then the voices stopped so Spider man went all the way up. He stopped because their was a strange looking door, so he took a breath and opened it. But strangely when he opened it lead him to the top of the building but no one was up there. So then he turned around and he saw Mary Jane but not just Mary Jane he saw a evil villain named Danger! Spider man said “Danger please hand over Mary Jane to me and then no harm will be caused”.

So then that's what Danger Wanted, He wanted to cause danger because he wanted to take over the world so Danger, Refused to hand over Mary Jane. So Mary Jane scratched Danger and then Danger said “If you want her why don’t you go get her”. So Danger pushed her off the building and then Spider man went after her. Spider man couldn’t fly so he was just climbing down the building really fast. Mary Jane closed her eyes and she thought that she was going to die until she stopped and she opened her eyes and she got caught by Spider man. Mary Jane said “Thank you for saving my life I really appreciate it”. So she threw a celebration party just for Spider man for saving Mary Jane's life the End.

Wk 4 - Problem Solving

Avengers Assemble


On a cold and freezing day the Avengers were getting stronger and stronger! And as they were getting stronger Mr Freeze wanted, their powers so he could turn the whole world to snow and take over the whole wide world! Mr Freeze has been studying about their powers for years, days, even months…. So Mr Freeze set up his own villain team to fight and get their powers! On the other side the Avengers felt like something was weird?? They felt like someone was coming after them and indeed someone was was. But not just one a whole army of them and that was not good. The Avengers were getting ready to fight just in case someone bad was going to do something to them!

The sun was setting down slowly and no danger has come to the Avengers so they thought that everything was all right. The sun was down and the moon rises up high in the night sky, the Avengers were asleep and the only one that was awake was Iron Man. Iron man was keeping watch of them just in case Mr Freeze decided to take a visit. So Iron man saw a spark in the sky and saw lots of villains coming toward them. Iron man woke everyone up but as soon as he went to go get them to fight their powers were already gone. Iron man felt weird because if he got defeated by Mr Freeze he knows that everyone will be gone and there will be nobody, left to save the world the people.

The Avengers were 2 weak they couldn't even stand up because Mr Freeze took their powers including their strength. So it was up to Iron man to save the day and to save his friends before it's 2 late. Mr Freeze got even stronger but the only thing that would make him even stronger was Iron man's powers. Mr Freeze got defeated by Iron man and all of the Avengers powers were back. They got their Strength back and they did a party for Iron man to celebrate him for saving their lives, well for saving everyone's lives.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Archie Baxter - Reading


Archie Baxter was born in Saddle Hills on 13 December 1881. Archie Left school when he was 12 years old and started working on a farm. The reason Archie left school at age 12 was because his family was poor so he had no choice but to leave school and work on a farm. Archie had to face a horrifying punishment for being a conscientious objector. He got tied to a hard wooden pole and stayed out in the cold freezing weather, like that. His entire body was freezing like a statue and his hands were, dripping down blood because of the coldness. But Archie did not give up so he stayed like that until he got let go. Archie had a wonderful wife that he married on 12 february 1921. Archie had 2 children named, Terence and James. Terence and James followed their parents footsteps and had a wonderful life the End.

( Superhero Character Description )

Meet Fearless Shadow the Terminator!!! He is Strong, and incredibly amazing. His superpowers are, flight, teleportation, super speed, and super strength. Fearless Shadow is the age 18 years old. He might be young but he is super strong.

Fearless Shadows mission is to help people in need, like if they need help with their homework… Just kidding if they need help like if someone stole from them he will help them no matter what. Fearless Shadow can also predict the future. He also has dark brown eyes like dark chocolate. And of course black hair like an American Black bear. 

He has the best suit that any superhero could possibly wear. Its a full black suit with a bit of silver on it, along with a black and silver cape. And of course black shoes with a little bit of detail with the colour silver. So his suit is pretty much the colour black and silver. But he is incredibly handsome it's like no can resist him.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Harry's War - Reading Follow Up

Immersion Assembly - Teacher Vengers!!!!

Bang! Kapoof! Yes it was finally here, the first day of school and everyone was so thrilled, to see what their team was doing. I was wondering what our crazy teachers were going to do for this term. I was walking around the school and I saw Mr Somerville dressed like Captain America, you know the one from Marvel Avengers. And I said to myself what is our teachers up to now! We all sat in the hall and we started watching movies from other Teams.

My teachers from Team 4 was so crazy they did like a superhero movie. And our movie was called Teacher Vengers. Our Team 4 movie was so funny and cool at the same time! Mr Somerville was dressed like Captain America, but his name was Team Leader America! Mrs Lavakula was dressed like wonder women but instead, her name was wondering women! Mr Goodwin was acting like BatMan but, instead of BatMan it was Bat Guy! Mr Baxendine wasn't exactly a human he was kinda like, a teddy bear and his name was Bear Baxendine!

So this Term our topic is called As I See It and it is all about art. And for Team 4 we are learning about superheros and comic book art. And this is going to be super fun! I can’t wait to see what we are going to be doing in class it will be spectacular.

Wk 2 - Problem Solving!!

Walt: Divide into Parts

This week we are learning to solve questions by Dividing it into parts.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Mult Using 3 Digits

Walt: Solve Problems Using Multiplication Strategies.

As you can see in maths I have been doing Multiplication Strategies. If you look at my maths problem solving you will find something interesting. Please Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My Book Review

As you can see I have created a book review. And this book is called Thea Stilton And The Great Tulip Heist. So please enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ata's Camp Retell Review!!!

If you want to read or look at Ata’s Camp Retell here's the link-  Ata’s Camp Retell

In her 1st paragraph, she was talking about how the wind was too strong and it, was flattening the tents. In Ata’s 2nd paragraph she is talking about our camp groups. And our camps groups were called, Kind Krushers, Kindonaters, Kinda Crazy, Kind Legends, KInd Krew and the Kind Kings. And our names are like that because, it is the meaning of kindness. Because our topic at school is, making KindNess go Viral.

So on Ata’s 3rd paragraph she was writing about her group, which is the Kindonaters. She was talking about who her leaders were, She was also talking about what song they were dancing too. And how long they had to practise, practise and practise.

So we are now on Ata’s 4th paragraph, Wow there's so many paragraphs so let's get to it. So she was talking about our camp activities and what we have done.

On her other paragraph which is the 5th one she is talking about how she felt in her own tent. She was also talking about that the wind was too strong, it even knocked over her own tent!!!

So we are on her 6th paragraph. On her 6th paragraph she is talking about our Camp Concert. Also she is talking about, that every camp item played a little game, before each team started their, dance item.

So we are on the last paragraph which is the 7th one. This one is a really special one. The last paragraph is Ata’s thank you note to all the parents, and teachers who helped us during camp. So yeah that's all for now bye!!!!!