Tuesday, 27 October 2015

School logo design

If you were to change your school logo what would you change it to?
Well look at mine and you might get ideas from it. 

The egg friend race

When I turned up in school our teacher Mr Baxendine was acting weird all of a sudden. My senses were tingling so I needed to know what was going on?

I was walking around class until I saw a bag I was about to go look inside it but we, had to go sit on the mat. When we sat on the mat our teacher pulled out eggs. Then I thought what is the eggs for? Our teacher gave us an ordinary egg but, It wasn’t just an egg it was our friend but it was an egg!!!. We were given markers so we could draw on it, As I was drawing on it I thought that this was really weird. We had to take really good care of it, But I wondered what are we doing with it?

We walked outside with our friend egg and headed to the playground. I was curious to know what was going on around here? But then I saw spoons, So I think we were doing an egg race, Now I know why we had to take care of it. But then I realized there was yolk inside of the egg then I started to get nervous. We were given a spoon so I said “this is going to be easy”. But we had to go under one thing and over something!!!!

Then I knew my egg was going to trip and slip and get yolk everywhere. I was at the starting line I was ready and off I went. I went over and under and my egg was about to drop, I knew that this race was going to be difficult. I was nearly at the finish line I was crawling until my hand touched something slimy and icky I looked down and I saw, a cracked

egg. I thought it was my egg until my egg was still on the spoon I looked at the cracked egg and I was relieved that the cracked egg wasn’t mine. So I kept on crawling and crawling and then I reached the finish line.

]After the egg friend race we lined up and was walking back to class, It was a horrible weather too it was starting to rain. But that never spoiled my day, the egg friend race was fun but difficult at the same time. But our teachers are always silly they always make us do weird and crazy things.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

School Holidays!!!!!

School Holidays!!!!

It was finally here the school holidays so I said goodbye to my teachers and dashed out the door and went back home quick. I got out of my uniform got changed and went to sit on the couch. I opened the curtains and the light was shining at my eyes, So I started to get hot and hotter so I thought, I should go to the pools.

I told my mum, “can we go to the pools” and she said “yes”. So I went with my mum and my cousin. I zoomed straight to my room and got ready to head to the pools. I took food with me just in case I got hungry. I was in the car and the sun was on my face I was so hot but excited at the same time. My mum knew I was thrilled to go to the pools.

We were finally at the pools I jumped out, of the car and ran inside with my bag on my back and waited. We payed to get in and so I zoomed straight to the chairs put my stuff on the ground and walked to the changing rooms. I changed into my togs put my goggles on and went to head in the pool. Just before I went to jump in I had to get wet first. I got wet in the showers and jumped straight in.

The water was freezing cold so I started to swim. I was so tired my legs were always slowing down every time, I was splashing and dashing into the water. I kept on swimming and swimming until I reached the end. So I took a long break and swam back, I was still tired so I kept on stopping while I was swimming. I hopped out of the pool, and then that's where I was starting to get the chills.

I took step by step my body was wet, and it felt like my body was frosted with snow but with ice. It was time for my fun to end so I got my cloths and took a plastic bag with me. I got changed into my warm and cozy clothes and, you know what I did with my wet cloths?

I put them inside the bag so It wouldn’t wet my other bag. I made sure I was ready to go, I went to my mum and she said “did you forget anything”. So I said “nope not at all”, I checked in my bag if my goggles were in their, But It wasn’t their. So I said “be back”. So I dashed into the changing rooms and their I saw my goggles. I grabbed it and headed back home, The holidays were super amazing I hope you had a fun time in the holidays.                         

The favourite part of the day was when my, mum said yes if we can go to the pools. I was so super excited because I was actually going. I hope I can go to the pools next time. I also hope I do better at swimming

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Cindy in da house!!!

Cindy in da house

on the last day of school we got to watch cindy in da house production. Cindy in da house is where people sign up and act in front of everyone. To see the show it costed $5 for each person. But on the last day of school the whole pt england kids and students got to watch it for free. Cindy in da house production is so fun. You get to do acting, singing and dancing.

The teachers got us to sit down and then they put us in rows. The hall was full of teachers, kids and students. Their was to much talking until the lights turned off people were quiet and then the show began. Then a senior came on her name was cindy. She snuck out of the house and went to a marvellous ball. But the thing was her step sisters were there and she didn’t have a dress to wear she was in tears. But a fairy godmother came and gave her a beautiful dress.

So cindy took off and went to the ball. Her step sisters didn’t notice cindy because she looked so beautiful. The prince came and asked her for a dance so she said “yes”. They were dancing delightful until it hit midnight. She left her glass shoe on the step and ran quickly back home. The prince who was dancing with her ran to the glass shoe she left behind and went to search for her immediately. The prince knew that cindy was the love of her life.

The prince didn’t know where she lived so he went to every, house and took the glass shoe with him to see if he could find his girl. He searched and searched but he had no luck. Until he went to cindy's house and asked cindy's mum “umm excuse me do you have the matching shoe just like this”. Cindy’s mum knew she saw it somewhere. So she asked cindy and said “Cindy do you remember the time I gave you shoes just like these”. Cindy said “What do you mean are you talking about this one”. Oh I forget the prince name was josh.

So josh said to his friends “shes the one”. The school started laughing. But it carried on so cindy and josh Fell in love with each other the same way cindy fell in love with josh. And then they lived happily ever after. The lights turned back on and the show was over. I wished we saw more but that was it. Then the actors, singers and dancers came on again and took a bow. The school was noisy again and I was tired so we stood up lined up and headed back to class.

                                         The End