Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The egg friend race

When I turned up in school our teacher Mr Baxendine was acting weird all of a sudden. My senses were tingling so I needed to know what was going on?

I was walking around class until I saw a bag I was about to go look inside it but we, had to go sit on the mat. When we sat on the mat our teacher pulled out eggs. Then I thought what is the eggs for? Our teacher gave us an ordinary egg but, It wasn’t just an egg it was our friend but it was an egg!!!. We were given markers so we could draw on it, As I was drawing on it I thought that this was really weird. We had to take really good care of it, But I wondered what are we doing with it?

We walked outside with our friend egg and headed to the playground. I was curious to know what was going on around here? But then I saw spoons, So I think we were doing an egg race, Now I know why we had to take care of it. But then I realized there was yolk inside of the egg then I started to get nervous. We were given a spoon so I said “this is going to be easy”. But we had to go under one thing and over something!!!!

Then I knew my egg was going to trip and slip and get yolk everywhere. I was at the starting line I was ready and off I went. I went over and under and my egg was about to drop, I knew that this race was going to be difficult. I was nearly at the finish line I was crawling until my hand touched something slimy and icky I looked down and I saw, a cracked

egg. I thought it was my egg until my egg was still on the spoon I looked at the cracked egg and I was relieved that the cracked egg wasn’t mine. So I kept on crawling and crawling and then I reached the finish line.

]After the egg friend race we lined up and was walking back to class, It was a horrible weather too it was starting to rain. But that never spoiled my day, the egg friend race was fun but difficult at the same time. But our teachers are always silly they always make us do weird and crazy things.

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  1. I really love the way you use words to describe how your feeling. You make me want to keep reading through to the end as if i'm in your shoes.

    comment by mum