Thursday, 10 December 2015

Bee reflection!!!


Hi my name is Paige and this term we have given a task to do, a project about bee’s. While we were working on our projects we have, been learning new things about bee’s. Also we have heard that bees are really important!!! So today rosemary the beekeeper is coming in with a real beehive, We were so super excited!!! So I rushed to extension and when I got their the, beekeeper was already here!!! But the beekeeper wasn’t the only person that was here, there was also the actual beehive, with bees in it!!!

After a while we have been asking her questions, so we asked her “How long have you been working with bees”. Rosemary said “About 12 years” we were surprised. Well I was mostly shocked, that's when I knew Rosemary cared about bees and if she was working with bees then that means bees were really important. She told us lots of facts about bees that we didn’t know!!! She showed us photos and lots more. So we looked at the bees again and, if you looked closer there, was honey in there. I could barely see it because all the bees were covering it. It was finally time that Rosemary had to go, we stayed for a little while and we took a photo with her. Now we know why bees are important because, Rosemary taught us heaps of facts that we did not know.

The End


 Talofa lava my name is paige and as you can see I have applied for  ambassadors. And this year I have tried hard to level up my  learning and using lots of different ways to do it. I have created  movies, post, and I have got better and better and, yes I do share  them on my blog and on, my class blog of course. Everyday I have  learn't to use better ways to solve maths problems,  
 reading, writing as well, and even sports. 

In writing I have been learning to write exciting stories, and how to make my story better and better. We also brainstormed our ideas of what we are going to write and so we don't get confused of what we are going to write. When we start writing we write an interesting introduction so, we can hook your reader and they might want to actually read our story. But also when they read our story we have to tell every single paragraph about one big main idea, and that helps me alot. In maths I have learnt a lot of ways to solve my maths problems, it gets difficult a lot but it helps us learn, to solve maths problems in different ways, that has happened to me to, but I got the hang of it and then It started getting easier. Every day we sometimes solve maths problems with Mr Baxendine, our teacher has made us learn new things to solve it each and every single day. I also learn my basic facts properly and it definitely helps me alot. In reading it also helps me as well. Reading is definitely my favorite subject in class. But the best class this year and this term is extension because I have to learn harder stuff than doing normal stuff in class, it actually helps me too because, it levels my learning and it gets me to a high stage.

This term our theme is survivors. And I have been learning how animals will change its environment and how they change to survive. So if you go on my blog and scroll through you can see my animation about survivors. It took a long time to do my animation but it's now finish. But since our theme is survivors I have learnt lots of new things about it. It also levels up my learning too.

In 2016 I would love to be an ambassador because it gives me an huge opportunity to show visitors my learning and it will be the first time in forever. So my movie is what I have shared on my blog so people can see why I have applied for ambassadors. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Information about bees

Hi my name is Paige ad we have given a task to create, something about bees!!! So if you are so interest in knowing somethings about bees look, at my presentation and you, will find some interesting facts.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Terrifying Train trip!!!!

It was a nice sunny morning I was walking around the neighbourhood until I saw a train track. Their was this weird man boarding people in the train. The reason the man was weird because he, was wearing a black coat, black pants, and even more weird he was wearing a black mask which means I couldn’t see his face at all. All I saw was his eyes, so I ran all the way to the weird man so eventually I went on the train too. It felt like this was a time where I was told not to talk and not to play, and never go somewhere with a stranger.

It was a nice view, it was like I haven’t seen out in the nature in years!!! I looked right across me and their was, this little girl who looked worried all of a sudden she wasn’t talking and she was sitting by herself crying. I walked and sat next to her and said “what is the matter”. She said “I don’t know where I am I wanna go back home to my family”. Then I got worried as well, water was dripping down my face.

So I looked outside and I couldn’t believe my eyes their was a huge gap on the train track, So I shouted “STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP”. But the train was still going, so I ran to the person who was driving it but no one was their. I was walking slow I didn’t want to die like this. The little girl was still there she was crying and crying because she did not want to die as well. I heard screaming and we were going down, but not me I wasn’t I smashed the window, grabbed the little girl's hand and jumped. I thought we were falling but I was holding onto a long vine, I was wondering where was the little girl.

I was panicking and panicking but the little girl was holding onto the other vine, but worst of all we were up high, she was so scared of heights so I climbed up the vine made it on the train track, got my hand and pulled her up. So I asked her “umm excuse me what is your name”. She said “my name is bella and thank you for saving my life”, I was so pleased we walked and walked until bella got tired of walking. So I grabbed her and was carrying her until we reached the end of the train track. We were finally there we headed to the train station, I made it back home and of course she made it, back home as well.

But then I woke up, Few I thought it was in real life, I was pleased It was a dream. Now I know why not to go somewhere with strangers!!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

School Athletics day!!!

What house colour would you want to be in for athletics? Well I know which colour I would want to be in, And of course I would want to be in Te Aurere!!! Well on friday the the 13th of november I woke up and I, was thrilled. I zoomed straight to my closet got my clothes, got dressed and out I went to go to school.

 I stepped through my classroom door, And I took out my clothes and got changed. I found red tape and stuck it on my face like glue. We all lined up, and headed over to the courts. I was so pumped up I was ready to go so first event here we come. The first event was shot putt. I was so thrilled but, I really wasn't confident to compete against other people.  So I went to non competition just to have fun. So where was I oh yeah, It was finally my turn I threw as far as I could, and then I came 3rd. But then I got replaced, but still I had fun.

Next event was high jumps, I was so nervous I got the butterflies but I had to win points for my team. Okay I was ready I was ready, I started running to the mat and jumped over the pole and I jumped high as I could and the pole didn’t fall few I nearly embarrassed myself. Okay it was nearly over I know I could do it. So I ran jumped and what do you know it dropped the pole dropped on the ground.

But that wasn’t letting me down, no no no no no, their was plenty of events to compete. The thing I was nervous about the most, was I did not want to run. I knew I was not that good at running but I had to, I wasn’t doing it for me I was doing it, for my house team which is red. So we were walking over to the racing, tracks now that's where it got even harder. It was my turn to race, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready!!! Then I heard “on your marks” I was ready to race “get set”, oh no “GO”. I ran as fast as I could I was so behind the other girls, I needed to catch up, my legs were slowing down I had a stitch on the side of my hip, and I was tired.

It came to an end where it was over. We did so many activities I nearly fell asleep on the ground. I came nothing in the activities but I had so much fun. It didn’t really matter that I lost in every activity, I'm just glad I tried my best, at least I had fun I’m alright. Te Aurere never gives up, and Te Aurere tries their best. So which house colour would you wanna be in?

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

School logo design

If you were to change your school logo what would you change it to?
Well look at mine and you might get ideas from it. 

The egg friend race

When I turned up in school our teacher Mr Baxendine was acting weird all of a sudden. My senses were tingling so I needed to know what was going on?

I was walking around class until I saw a bag I was about to go look inside it but we, had to go sit on the mat. When we sat on the mat our teacher pulled out eggs. Then I thought what is the eggs for? Our teacher gave us an ordinary egg but, It wasn’t just an egg it was our friend but it was an egg!!!. We were given markers so we could draw on it, As I was drawing on it I thought that this was really weird. We had to take really good care of it, But I wondered what are we doing with it?

We walked outside with our friend egg and headed to the playground. I was curious to know what was going on around here? But then I saw spoons, So I think we were doing an egg race, Now I know why we had to take care of it. But then I realized there was yolk inside of the egg then I started to get nervous. We were given a spoon so I said “this is going to be easy”. But we had to go under one thing and over something!!!!

Then I knew my egg was going to trip and slip and get yolk everywhere. I was at the starting line I was ready and off I went. I went over and under and my egg was about to drop, I knew that this race was going to be difficult. I was nearly at the finish line I was crawling until my hand touched something slimy and icky I looked down and I saw, a cracked

egg. I thought it was my egg until my egg was still on the spoon I looked at the cracked egg and I was relieved that the cracked egg wasn’t mine. So I kept on crawling and crawling and then I reached the finish line.

]After the egg friend race we lined up and was walking back to class, It was a horrible weather too it was starting to rain. But that never spoiled my day, the egg friend race was fun but difficult at the same time. But our teachers are always silly they always make us do weird and crazy things.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

School Holidays!!!!!

School Holidays!!!!

It was finally here the school holidays so I said goodbye to my teachers and dashed out the door and went back home quick. I got out of my uniform got changed and went to sit on the couch. I opened the curtains and the light was shining at my eyes, So I started to get hot and hotter so I thought, I should go to the pools.

I told my mum, “can we go to the pools” and she said “yes”. So I went with my mum and my cousin. I zoomed straight to my room and got ready to head to the pools. I took food with me just in case I got hungry. I was in the car and the sun was on my face I was so hot but excited at the same time. My mum knew I was thrilled to go to the pools.

We were finally at the pools I jumped out, of the car and ran inside with my bag on my back and waited. We payed to get in and so I zoomed straight to the chairs put my stuff on the ground and walked to the changing rooms. I changed into my togs put my goggles on and went to head in the pool. Just before I went to jump in I had to get wet first. I got wet in the showers and jumped straight in.

The water was freezing cold so I started to swim. I was so tired my legs were always slowing down every time, I was splashing and dashing into the water. I kept on swimming and swimming until I reached the end. So I took a long break and swam back, I was still tired so I kept on stopping while I was swimming. I hopped out of the pool, and then that's where I was starting to get the chills.

I took step by step my body was wet, and it felt like my body was frosted with snow but with ice. It was time for my fun to end so I got my cloths and took a plastic bag with me. I got changed into my warm and cozy clothes and, you know what I did with my wet cloths?

I put them inside the bag so It wouldn’t wet my other bag. I made sure I was ready to go, I went to my mum and she said “did you forget anything”. So I said “nope not at all”, I checked in my bag if my goggles were in their, But It wasn’t their. So I said “be back”. So I dashed into the changing rooms and their I saw my goggles. I grabbed it and headed back home, The holidays were super amazing I hope you had a fun time in the holidays.                         

The favourite part of the day was when my, mum said yes if we can go to the pools. I was so super excited because I was actually going. I hope I can go to the pools next time. I also hope I do better at swimming

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Cindy in da house!!!

Cindy in da house

on the last day of school we got to watch cindy in da house production. Cindy in da house is where people sign up and act in front of everyone. To see the show it costed $5 for each person. But on the last day of school the whole pt england kids and students got to watch it for free. Cindy in da house production is so fun. You get to do acting, singing and dancing.

The teachers got us to sit down and then they put us in rows. The hall was full of teachers, kids and students. Their was to much talking until the lights turned off people were quiet and then the show began. Then a senior came on her name was cindy. She snuck out of the house and went to a marvellous ball. But the thing was her step sisters were there and she didn’t have a dress to wear she was in tears. But a fairy godmother came and gave her a beautiful dress.

So cindy took off and went to the ball. Her step sisters didn’t notice cindy because she looked so beautiful. The prince came and asked her for a dance so she said “yes”. They were dancing delightful until it hit midnight. She left her glass shoe on the step and ran quickly back home. The prince who was dancing with her ran to the glass shoe she left behind and went to search for her immediately. The prince knew that cindy was the love of her life.

The prince didn’t know where she lived so he went to every, house and took the glass shoe with him to see if he could find his girl. He searched and searched but he had no luck. Until he went to cindy's house and asked cindy's mum “umm excuse me do you have the matching shoe just like this”. Cindy’s mum knew she saw it somewhere. So she asked cindy and said “Cindy do you remember the time I gave you shoes just like these”. Cindy said “What do you mean are you talking about this one”. Oh I forget the prince name was josh.

So josh said to his friends “shes the one”. The school started laughing. But it carried on so cindy and josh Fell in love with each other the same way cindy fell in love with josh. And then they lived happily ever after. The lights turned back on and the show was over. I wished we saw more but that was it. Then the actors, singers and dancers came on again and took a bow. The school was noisy again and I was tired so we stood up lined up and headed back to class.

                                         The End

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Smart Emails

In Mr Baxendine's reading class we have been learning about smart emails whether its formal or informal. We have also been learning about buying things on trade me and seeing if its alright to buy it.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The crocodile attack

one day a man went fishing in his boat so he, put out his fishing rod and threw it out in the sea, but something was biting it he felt terrifying until he saw a shadow in the water and out jumped a gigantic crocodile and banging, and slapping his tail on the boat and the boat was breaking into pieces.

The Bull Chase

One day a man was walking around town, When he was walking he saw a wild bull surrounded by a strong fence. The lock broke and the bull ran towards the man, He was terrified, the bull was about to attack him so he was trying to escape but there was no place to run, so the bull ran and there was dust and the man couldn’t see the bull bursted in the air and the man sprinted in the water swimming as fast as he could. The bull couldn’t swim that fast so the bull went back on land and the man ran off shocked.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My recount rubric

On Monday the 7th of September on the school field we had cross country. The time came where we had to run our fastest.

People got ready and went into their house colours. Their was some changes on cross country day. We had to had a early lunch time and waited until the bell rang. RING RING RING, I was zooming straight to class and lined up to go straight to the courts.

We sat down on the ground , waiting until the teachers said a couple of things. First it was the year 1 boys to run, They were all pumped up I could tell on the face that they,  were ready to race as hard as they could. Parents in the crowed cheering for their daughter or son hoping they will come 1st.

The time came where we had to line up and run. The principal said “on your mark get set GO!!!” . I was running as fast as I could I never stopped. I was zooming, running, sweat was coming down on my face. I was getting exhausted and exhausted every time I took 1 step. We went in a straight line ran around the cones through the gate. And went through the revolting mud. The mud felt squishy and yuck it splashed onto my feet and I nearly lost my balance. I was running and running as fast as I could.

We had a cup of water to make us calm down. I was puffing and puffing because my legs were exhausted. We sat down and watched the year 8 girls run. My feet were covered in mud it was awful. We lined up again to go back to class. The students at Pt England school was colourful because we were dressed in our house colours. The colours were red, green, yellow and blue. After cross country I went back to class to get my bag and shoes and went back home from there. I felt cheerful because I came in 6th place and it was the best day I have ever had.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Crusher

The crusher

Have you ever seen a plane come out of no where? well listen and read and you will feel like you were there like me!!!

On Monday I was going on a trip with my friends, we were going on a safari trip it was so cool. But suddenly I felt strange the animals knew, something was happening? It was Nosily
it was loud every time we were driving it got even louder. But out of no where the animals ran away Quickly. I spoke to the driver and then she said “they're just shy thats all”. But I never believed her.

I was sitting down thinking inside and saying, to myself am I being crazy do I feel Madly inside. I was so sweaty because I thought I was going to die, then the bright sunlight shined right in my face, Until one of my friends came up to, me and said “are you alright do you need a glass of water”. Then I took a glass of water but It didn’t work. I was being Selfishly but out of no where a enormous white plane came and was destroying the ground. I got up and I was trying to be Calmly but I didn’t so I ran for my life.

When I looked behind me the plane was coming even further, There was dust coming towards my eyes I was getting Blindly, But I never gave up I was running quickly as I could, My friends were in tears. But then I saw a car I ran to it as quickly, as I could and tried to turn it on but it was out of gas, so I couldn’t do nothing about it. The plane was still crashing into the ground I was so tired we have been running for 1 hour, Until the plane stopped so me my friends sat down, on the hot ground and waited until we calmed down. We went into the plane and checked if their were any survivors.

But when we went to see their was no one in their. But these people came to us and Politely invited us to their house. After one day later we saw a plane, these people said we could use it we, turned it on and then we flew off to go back home. I was so excited that we were going back home. My mum said to me “how was the trip” so I said “It was quite a Happily adventure”.

Screenshot 2015-08-10 at 10.50.22.png

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The job I want to apply for

Hi my name is Paige and this is a job I really want to apply for. Team 4 has this website where you can apply for this job. So today Mr Baxendines literacy class has given a chance to do this.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Hi my name is Paige and this is my animation about Biodiversity. Last
term we have given a task to learn about biodiversity and to do that we
have done a animation and a voice over to show you what Biodiversity
is and to explain to you what we are talking about. Hope you enjoy my movie

Monday, 3 August 2015

About trees. Do you think we should cut down trees?

This video was made by Sheales, Stacey, Anna, and me. this video is about trees
I have a question. My question is about do you think we should cut trees down. While making this video it 
was loads of fun. 

My minecraft selfie

In literacy class we have given a task to do a pixel art of your self. We call 
it a minecraft selfie. It was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My time tables.

This is my 9x tables. As you can see I answered 68 questions and got 68 correct. I only had 2 mins and 4 secs to answer the question. Click the link down bottom to go straight to it if you want to play it.


This is my 8x tables. As you can see I answered 66 questions and got 65 correct. I only had 2 mins and 4 secs to answer the question. Click the link down bottom to go straight to it if you want to play it.

This is my 11x tables. As you can see I answered 148 questions and got 145 correct. I only had 2 mins and 4 secs to answer the question. Click the link down bottom to go straight to it if you want to play it.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

All about me

Welcome and my name paige I am a student at Pt England school, And I am in room 10 and my teachers are Mr Baxendine And Mrs Jacobsen. My favourite subjects are reading and maths. I really love to do art and crafting its my favourite thing to do in class and mostly everywhere.

I love my family and friends, and my teachers. At Pt England school I play netball because thats my best sport to do every year and every single day. I really love the school I am learning at, Its the best school I have ever been to.

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy.

   Screenshot 2015-07-28 at 13.01.28.png

Thursday, 23 July 2015

What I did in the school hoildays.

Write all the adjectives you have to use here:
  • Greedy
  • Selfish
  • Joyful
  • Tiny
  • Green

Start writing here:
On friday it was a lovely sunny day so me and my family decided we should go to Uptown Bounce. We went to Uptown Bounce to have loads of fun.

It took us long to get to Uptown Bounce until we were finally their. After we got to Uptown Bounce we paid to get in, When we paid to get in I zoomed straight to the trampolines and waited until it was my turn to bounce. It took forever, but when I heard the people who worked there they said “everybody off”, so thats when I knew it was finally my turn.

There was heaps of people their so I went to go bounce on the trampoline but when I was going to bounce, this man told us some rules before we were going to bounce. It was a tiny small place, but breathtaking at the same time because it was so cool. I ran to the trampolines and started bouncing and jumping. My parents were watching me, I was in loads of excitement.

I thought it was time to go but we had 1 hour to play, I was having the best day of my life. 1 hour was up so I jumped the way out and went back home. At the end of the day we went to get Ice cream, The Ice Cream I got was Rocky Road, My cousins were with me but I was being greedy with the Ice cream

It was a stunning day of my life. My favourite part was when I got to bounce it was  outstanding. I hope we go to Uptown Bounce next time.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Create and Solve a Problem

The Stars have been working with Mrs Jacobsen and learning our fractions.

My 8x and 9x and 11x

This is my 11 time tables. As you can see I got them alright. Why don't you have a go on it click the link to go straight to it.

Eleven time tables.

Hello guys great to see yous over here on the side is my nine timetables. As you can see I got them alright click the link to go straight to it have a go.
Nine time tables.

Kia orana and welcome to my Whakapapa

At Pt England school class 10 and 9 have maori on tuesdays. Our maori teacher is called Safron Witika. When ever we have maori she always brings the fun into our class room. For a while she made us do our own Whakapapa. In my Whakapapa you will see the things about my family and me. So get ready and enjoy my Whakapapa.

My game animation.

Hey are you tired of playing shooting games and rescue games? Well play my game called escaping from the bad wizard. It is great to play during a wet rainy day.

It all starts with a girl named Lucy. Lucy was a girl who lived in a small house with her 2 sisters until a bad wizard took her when she was sleeping and put Lucy in a cage.

Help Lucy get out of the cage and escape from the bad wizard before it is too late.The purpose of this game is a escaping game.

Your mission is to go through 3 portals. Collect the key and try free me out of this cage.
We are now  on level 1, Help me get to the other side to progress to the next level.

You have arrived at level 2. Help me jump on these steps to reach the last level. I only have 1 chance. Oh now try your hardest to get me home. This is my last chance or I lose. I will lose if they defeat me. I will win if I defeat them. Oh no I got defeated.

Thank you for watching my game. I hope you will actually play my game and enjoy playing it.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

Albert Einstein.

Hi my name is Paige and this is what I wrote about Albert Einstein. As you can see Ablert Einstein was born on the 14th of march 1879 that was a long time. But sadly he died on the 18 of april 1955. Ablert Einstein is a inventor who made all sorts of things he even made bombs. In our class we had lots of fun working on a inventor. So thanks for visiting my blog and scroll threw to see what I have been doing bye.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Strong bee who rides on soap bubbles.

Once upon a time there was a mum bee who just had a son. Four years she didn’t know what to name him, until when she found out that every time her son talked to her he always wished that he was strong. So the mum named her son strong bee, her son was so proud of his new name. Strong bee was 6 years old, His skin colour was orange and yellow, He a loved soap and bubbles.

Strong bee was waiting until it was christmas he always wished he had soap bubbles so he can ride on it. It was finally time for christmas gifts everywhere, and strong bee woke up flew down stairs and shouted out “CHRISTMAS IT'S CHRISTMAS MUM”. Strong bees mum woke up went down stairs and gave strong bee his gift.

Strong bee was so happy and when he saw his gift he finally got soap bubbles. So he ran to his mum hugged her and said “thank you mum you are the best”. He went outside with his soap bubbles he blew it outside he went to jump on it but, it kept on popping he tried it many times but it still kept on popping. So he went up to his room put heaps of things in the soap, bubble and tried to make it work so he can

ride on it and it finally worked. Strong bee dashed outside blew the soap bubble and it worked. He was so thrilled that his soap bubbles worked.

Strong bee hoped on the soap bubbles and rode around on the soap bubbles in his backyard.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Story Review

Story Review
WALT: summarise and analyse the main ideas of a text.  

Answer all these questions

Title: Ancient But Earthquake-proof

Author: Lynne Beaven

Book Setting: (What is the place the story is written about? What do you know about this place?).
  • Greece
  • Athens is the capital of Greece
  • In 2013 there were 11.03 million people in Greece

Summary of the story: (What is the story about? What does the story teach you? ).
  • Page 1. We are going to learn about the builders that lived 2,500 years ago
  • Page 2. Greece is suffering through major Earthquakes
  • Page 3. There are a lot of Ancient (Old) Buildings
  • Page 4. Parthenon is kind of like the spine in your back
  • Earthquakes can be really dangerous and that some can’t really be that harmful

Facts: (Write something that you found interesting)

Interesting:  That the Parthenon is like your spine in your back

  1. Vocabulary (Choose 2 words you didn't know, google them and write what they mean).Parthenon
  2. Vertebrae

  1. Meanings


Connections (Choose 2 things that you have learned from the story)
  1. That Parthenon is like the spine in your back
  2. You’ll be quite safe under towering marble columns