Friday, 27 June 2014

My Story about the world cup and i think others.

The World Cup is a international football game.its is in brazil.people that watch’s the world cup cheers for their country.Some people love the world cup i am into it now it is cool.So the world cup is the best yous guys should watch the world cup thanks for reading.

This is my  writing about the world cup .

Finish it off Properly You Guys.

This Is My Reading Eggs ui done in my class its is class 13.And I am a 9 Years old And i am a year 4.I am the only one in my class to get this whole lesson done And i finished it off properly.

Compose a Chant.

This is My Vocaroo Hope you enjoy it.
Audio recording and upload >>

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Stage 4 Fractions.

Push the play button and it will go really fast or just push the arrow to watch if you want.
Hope you enjoy my movie.

My Stage 5 Fractions.

Push the play button and it will go really fast or you can push the arrow if you want to.
Hope you enjoy my movie.

Sir Edmund Hillary Animation.

Press the play button it looks like a triangle so press that to watch my movie hope you enjoy my movie

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Where dose jiu jitsu come from.

This is the places where jiu-jitsu comes from and thats a lot of places and you can see that is is close to canada and North atlantic ocean and thats cool.bye i hope i get to see what yous all been up too Bye.