Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Terrifying Train trip!!!!

It was a nice sunny morning I was walking around the neighbourhood until I saw a train track. Their was this weird man boarding people in the train. The reason the man was weird because he, was wearing a black coat, black pants, and even more weird he was wearing a black mask which means I couldn’t see his face at all. All I saw was his eyes, so I ran all the way to the weird man so eventually I went on the train too. It felt like this was a time where I was told not to talk and not to play, and never go somewhere with a stranger.

It was a nice view, it was like I haven’t seen out in the nature in years!!! I looked right across me and their was, this little girl who looked worried all of a sudden she wasn’t talking and she was sitting by herself crying. I walked and sat next to her and said “what is the matter”. She said “I don’t know where I am I wanna go back home to my family”. Then I got worried as well, water was dripping down my face.

So I looked outside and I couldn’t believe my eyes their was a huge gap on the train track, So I shouted “STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP”. But the train was still going, so I ran to the person who was driving it but no one was their. I was walking slow I didn’t want to die like this. The little girl was still there she was crying and crying because she did not want to die as well. I heard screaming and we were going down, but not me I wasn’t I smashed the window, grabbed the little girl's hand and jumped. I thought we were falling but I was holding onto a long vine, I was wondering where was the little girl.

I was panicking and panicking but the little girl was holding onto the other vine, but worst of all we were up high, she was so scared of heights so I climbed up the vine made it on the train track, got my hand and pulled her up. So I asked her “umm excuse me what is your name”. She said “my name is bella and thank you for saving my life”, I was so pleased we walked and walked until bella got tired of walking. So I grabbed her and was carrying her until we reached the end of the train track. We were finally there we headed to the train station, I made it back home and of course she made it, back home as well.

But then I woke up, Few I thought it was in real life, I was pleased It was a dream. Now I know why not to go somewhere with strangers!!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

School Athletics day!!!

What house colour would you want to be in for athletics? Well I know which colour I would want to be in, And of course I would want to be in Te Aurere!!! Well on friday the the 13th of november I woke up and I, was thrilled. I zoomed straight to my closet got my clothes, got dressed and out I went to go to school.

 I stepped through my classroom door, And I took out my clothes and got changed. I found red tape and stuck it on my face like glue. We all lined up, and headed over to the courts. I was so pumped up I was ready to go so first event here we come. The first event was shot putt. I was so thrilled but, I really wasn't confident to compete against other people.  So I went to non competition just to have fun. So where was I oh yeah, It was finally my turn I threw as far as I could, and then I came 3rd. But then I got replaced, but still I had fun.

Next event was high jumps, I was so nervous I got the butterflies but I had to win points for my team. Okay I was ready I was ready, I started running to the mat and jumped over the pole and I jumped high as I could and the pole didn’t fall few I nearly embarrassed myself. Okay it was nearly over I know I could do it. So I ran jumped and what do you know it dropped the pole dropped on the ground.

But that wasn’t letting me down, no no no no no, their was plenty of events to compete. The thing I was nervous about the most, was I did not want to run. I knew I was not that good at running but I had to, I wasn’t doing it for me I was doing it, for my house team which is red. So we were walking over to the racing, tracks now that's where it got even harder. It was my turn to race, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready!!! Then I heard “on your marks” I was ready to race “get set”, oh no “GO”. I ran as fast as I could I was so behind the other girls, I needed to catch up, my legs were slowing down I had a stitch on the side of my hip, and I was tired.

It came to an end where it was over. We did so many activities I nearly fell asleep on the ground. I came nothing in the activities but I had so much fun. It didn’t really matter that I lost in every activity, I'm just glad I tried my best, at least I had fun I’m alright. Te Aurere never gives up, and Te Aurere tries their best. So which house colour would you wanna be in?