Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What I did during the school holidays.

I am going to tell you what I did during the school holidays. During the school holidays I went to the pools with my friends and my mum, because it was a hot day.

The day it was time to go to the pools I went to pick up my 2 best friends. When I picked up my friends we went to my house and put our bags, in the car. When we were putting our bags in the boot we had to go straight into the car because, we were about to go. Finally we arrived at the pools, so we went into the changing rooms got, changed and then we jumped straight into the nice cold pools.

When we jumped into the pools we played a few games, it was so fun! We played race’s, we did handstands, breathing competition, and all sorts of games. After we were swimming our stomach was rumbling because we were so hungry. After a while my aunty came with food and gave it to us, so we went to get our towel and then we sat on a, table eating our delicious food.

After that we went for a little swim we had (15 minutes)
to swim. Finally it was time to go back home. We went into the changing rooms got changed and went out of the pools. After a ride back home my friends slept over for the night. Then My friends were talking about something that I did not know so I wondered what they were talking about?

So I asked “them what are yous talking about” then they both said “we want to go back to the pools again.’’ So I went to ask and my mum and she said  “yes.” After a while went headed straight to sleep. The end.

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Learning how to upload a video onto my drive.

In digital immersion we were learning how to upload a movie on to our drive on the ipads.
Also posting onto our blogs.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


This is a movie I made and its about a watershed and at the end it says the people who helped for this video.