Monday, 15 February 2016

Writing a narrative!!!!

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In 1984 three children were born, raised and their parents loved them so much they named them Lia, Max and Jake. Lia was a sweet little girl but she was the youngest out of her brothers. Max was the oldest but he always got in trouble. Jake was the second oldest, he was always shy around everyone but also he was very smart. As time went on Lia, Max and Jake was always wanting to go to Mount Ngauruhoe and travel with her mum and dad. But they were to small to travel on their own so they waited until they got older. Time went on and they were old enough to travel to where they wanted to go.

Image result for Mount NgauruhoeSo they got their things ready and then went to bed so they can go to Mount Ngauruhoe. At 1:00 in the bright early morning they all woke up and on their way to Mount Ngauruhoe. They were walking and walking until Lia` got exhausted so, she collapsed on the ground and she couldn’t move. So her brothers pulled her near a tree and, so they all rested until they had enough strength to stand back up on their feet.

Max woke up and it was the middle of the night he couldn't see anything all he could see, was red eyes shaped like a wolf's body. Until he noticed that they were wild wolves but he wasn't so sure, so he stood up and they kept on coming closer and closer. Until they ran and they sounded like wild wolves to him so he woke up his brother and sister, and told them “get your stuff hurry we have to go NOW”.

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They were running and running until Lia couldn't see anything in her sight ,so she ran another direction and then she realized that her brothers weren't with her. She was crying and crying and ever wondering if her brothers will find her. And that's when her brothers realized that she wasn't with them too so they had to look for her fast. Max found footprints so he followed them, him and his brother and it leaded to a cave.

Image result for Mount NgauruhoeSo they went in it was pitch black, they couldn't see anything but they saw her bag and then they saw her. But she had a cut on her leg so that's when things got harder. So they lifted her up and kept on walking to get to Mount Ngauruhoe. They were finally their they actually made it to Mount Ngauruhoe. And their they were high in the sky near fluffy clouds. And that's when their journey ended the end.

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  1. Hi Paige, what an awesome first narrative for the year! You have introduced your characters really well and are getting the hang of developing a problem in the story. Great effort!