Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pig Storys.

Far away, the setting sun warmed the farm in a dusky pink glow, as Max the pig settled in for the night. It had been a very long day. There was a owner her name was Sally Rose. Sally was stumbling down the farm path as she suddenly began to distinguish a shape that looked like a pig. It had a rosey pink snout, that twitched as she sniffed looking for her scraps near by. It looked undeviatingly into Sally's eyes and at that moment the pigs small eyes were sparkling in the sunlight. They were sharp and inquisitive. Max had patches of coarse hair that stuck out from his face in tufts. When Sally gazed at the pig, she notices that it was nosy by nature, always wanting to know what was going on around him.

For nearly one hundred years, the farm had been nestled on the side of the hill next to the babbling creek. When Sally was little, she remembered what it was like living on a farm - even what she saw. So here’s the story.

When Sally arrived at the farm, she was amazed it what lived there. She saw cute animals and other things too. She saw tidy, packed, bales of hay rested in a neat array. She was so thrilled! She was wandering around when she started to make out the shape of a water tank, so she went to see what it was. She saw these huge water tanks that stood to attention like three rotund guards. Sallys mum said to her, “It’s getting late Sally, you’d better come inside.’’ Sally replied “I’m coming!” Sally saw a beautiful sky above rolling hills that caught the long shadows of the late afternoon sun. Sally thought it was so stunning. As she went back inside, she looked at the barn - it was so crusty and old but it was home to its inhabitants.
When Max was little he ran out of the farm and went on a adventure. It started at the beach. Max stepped into the water but he was Worried concentration made the pig frown in earnest Max was scared he forgot that he couldn't even swim. Max’s hooves tried to tread the water, but he could hardly stay afloat. The water was too deep for him to touch the ground. The Turquoise water lapped at his snout. Their was too much little waves going on his face. Max panicked and was setting in as he appeared unable close the gap to land. When Max reached land he shaked his body to get dried and Poor Sally was worried looking for max. Then Max finally came and came back in the barn. Thats where his adventure ended.


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  1. Hi paige
    I like your writing it is so much nice too.
    I love your pig Story it is amazing I hope you are having so much fun.