Thursday, 18 June 2015

Man Saves Dog.

A spaceman bravely walks out into the icy milkyway. He was going out of space but when he was about to go he had a call from someone that he didn’t know. He answered the phone call and then he said “Hello”. And it was a little girl she was so upset so she said to the man “can you please help me”, and then the man said “what do you need help with’’. Then the little girl said “ I went on a trip to see the space factory and then me my class tried, on some space suits and my puppy was with me so I found a dog space, suit and put it on my puppy and then, my puppy, was playing around and saw something and now he is stuck in space”.

So he said “ don’t worry little girl I will find your puppy and then I will give it to you”. After a while the man got ready to go out of space. He went in his rocket and then went out of space to search for the puppy. The man was so nervous that he would let the girl down. But he never gave up. Finally he saw the puppy. The puppy was afraid in space he was shaking. So the man picked up the dog pushed the button to go back inside the factory and took the suit off the dog. So the man went in his car went to the little girls house and gave her dog back to her.

The next day the girl was so proud she had her little puppy back. Her mum went outside but while she was walking outside she tripped over a big box. Her mum said “Isabelle there's a package just for you”. So Isabelle ran straight outside and her puppy was following her and on the package it said, “Hi you may not know me but I was the man who saved your dog so heres a gift for you”. Inside the box she was so happy because the man gave Isabelle, and her dog a space suit she was so happy The end.

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