Tuesday, 31 March 2015

What we did at camp on the first day.

Do you know what happened on wednesday last week? Well if you didn’t know what happened on wednesday it was the year 5 and 6 camp. Firstly, we took our bag into the hall on tuesday so it would be already for wednesday for camp.

First we went into the hall for free time. What we did in free time we went on roller blades, playing ping pong and playing basket ball. It was so much fun, So when we went to play I quickly went to the roller blades and put it on and went for a little ride. After I went for a little ride I smelt something delicious so I followed it and it leaded to the school kitchen and it was cookies! and their was camp people baking Anzac cookies and they were lucky.

After we did all those we went on to the next activity it was called the killer zone after we, did all that we went on to the next activity it was my favourite one it, was baking cookies but we didn't bake Anzac ones we baked chocolate chip cookies it was fun.

We did all sorts of activities until it went to morning tea then lunch time, and then dinner. After we ate we got all our stuff and took it into our tents I was so happy because I got to sleep with two of my best friends. Then it went to night time so all of the people at camp, went to their tent and got changed into our PJ’s. When we went into our PJ’s we went into our classrooms and watched, the lego movie, the reason we did that was because it was movie night. Then we went straight to sleep. After that it was one sunny morning and we woke up, at 7:00 and thats what we did at camp on the first day

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