Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My game animation.

Hey are you tired of playing shooting games and rescue games? Well play my game called escaping from the bad wizard. It is great to play during a wet rainy day.

It all starts with a girl named Lucy. Lucy was a girl who lived in a small house with her 2 sisters until a bad wizard took her when she was sleeping and put Lucy in a cage.

Help Lucy get out of the cage and escape from the bad wizard before it is too late.The purpose of this game is a escaping game.

Your mission is to go through 3 portals. Collect the key and try free me out of this cage.
We are now  on level 1, Help me get to the other side to progress to the next level.

You have arrived at level 2. Help me jump on these steps to reach the last level. I only have 1 chance. Oh now try your hardest to get me home. This is my last chance or I lose. I will lose if they defeat me. I will win if I defeat them. Oh no I got defeated.

Thank you for watching my game. I hope you will actually play my game and enjoy playing it.

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