Thursday, 15 October 2015

School Holidays!!!!!

School Holidays!!!!

It was finally here the school holidays so I said goodbye to my teachers and dashed out the door and went back home quick. I got out of my uniform got changed and went to sit on the couch. I opened the curtains and the light was shining at my eyes, So I started to get hot and hotter so I thought, I should go to the pools.

I told my mum, “can we go to the pools” and she said “yes”. So I went with my mum and my cousin. I zoomed straight to my room and got ready to head to the pools. I took food with me just in case I got hungry. I was in the car and the sun was on my face I was so hot but excited at the same time. My mum knew I was thrilled to go to the pools.

We were finally at the pools I jumped out, of the car and ran inside with my bag on my back and waited. We payed to get in and so I zoomed straight to the chairs put my stuff on the ground and walked to the changing rooms. I changed into my togs put my goggles on and went to head in the pool. Just before I went to jump in I had to get wet first. I got wet in the showers and jumped straight in.

The water was freezing cold so I started to swim. I was so tired my legs were always slowing down every time, I was splashing and dashing into the water. I kept on swimming and swimming until I reached the end. So I took a long break and swam back, I was still tired so I kept on stopping while I was swimming. I hopped out of the pool, and then that's where I was starting to get the chills.

I took step by step my body was wet, and it felt like my body was frosted with snow but with ice. It was time for my fun to end so I got my cloths and took a plastic bag with me. I got changed into my warm and cozy clothes and, you know what I did with my wet cloths?

I put them inside the bag so It wouldn’t wet my other bag. I made sure I was ready to go, I went to my mum and she said “did you forget anything”. So I said “nope not at all”, I checked in my bag if my goggles were in their, But It wasn’t their. So I said “be back”. So I dashed into the changing rooms and their I saw my goggles. I grabbed it and headed back home, The holidays were super amazing I hope you had a fun time in the holidays.                         

The favourite part of the day was when my, mum said yes if we can go to the pools. I was so super excited because I was actually going. I hope I can go to the pools next time. I also hope I do better at swimming

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