Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Terrifying Train trip!!!!

It was a nice sunny morning I was walking around the neighbourhood until I saw a train track. Their was this weird man boarding people in the train. The reason the man was weird because he, was wearing a black coat, black pants, and even more weird he was wearing a black mask which means I couldn’t see his face at all. All I saw was his eyes, so I ran all the way to the weird man so eventually I went on the train too. It felt like this was a time where I was told not to talk and not to play, and never go somewhere with a stranger.

It was a nice view, it was like I haven’t seen out in the nature in years!!! I looked right across me and their was, this little girl who looked worried all of a sudden she wasn’t talking and she was sitting by herself crying. I walked and sat next to her and said “what is the matter”. She said “I don’t know where I am I wanna go back home to my family”. Then I got worried as well, water was dripping down my face.

So I looked outside and I couldn’t believe my eyes their was a huge gap on the train track, So I shouted “STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP”. But the train was still going, so I ran to the person who was driving it but no one was their. I was walking slow I didn’t want to die like this. The little girl was still there she was crying and crying because she did not want to die as well. I heard screaming and we were going down, but not me I wasn’t I smashed the window, grabbed the little girl's hand and jumped. I thought we were falling but I was holding onto a long vine, I was wondering where was the little girl.

I was panicking and panicking but the little girl was holding onto the other vine, but worst of all we were up high, she was so scared of heights so I climbed up the vine made it on the train track, got my hand and pulled her up. So I asked her “umm excuse me what is your name”. She said “my name is bella and thank you for saving my life”, I was so pleased we walked and walked until bella got tired of walking. So I grabbed her and was carrying her until we reached the end of the train track. We were finally there we headed to the train station, I made it back home and of course she made it, back home as well.

But then I woke up, Few I thought it was in real life, I was pleased It was a dream. Now I know why not to go somewhere with strangers!!!!

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