Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ata's Camp Retell Review!!!

If you want to read or look at Ata’s Camp Retell here's the link-  Ata’s Camp Retell

In her 1st paragraph, she was talking about how the wind was too strong and it, was flattening the tents. In Ata’s 2nd paragraph she is talking about our camp groups. And our camps groups were called, Kind Krushers, Kindonaters, Kinda Crazy, Kind Legends, KInd Krew and the Kind Kings. And our names are like that because, it is the meaning of kindness. Because our topic at school is, making KindNess go Viral.

So on Ata’s 3rd paragraph she was writing about her group, which is the Kindonaters. She was talking about who her leaders were, She was also talking about what song they were dancing too. And how long they had to practise, practise and practise.

So we are now on Ata’s 4th paragraph, Wow there's so many paragraphs so let's get to it. So she was talking about our camp activities and what we have done.

On her other paragraph which is the 5th one she is talking about how she felt in her own tent. She was also talking about that the wind was too strong, it even knocked over her own tent!!!

So we are on her 6th paragraph. On her 6th paragraph she is talking about our Camp Concert. Also she is talking about, that every camp item played a little game, before each team started their, dance item.

So we are on the last paragraph which is the 7th one. This one is a really special one. The last paragraph is Ata’s thank you note to all the parents, and teachers who helped us during camp. So yeah that's all for now bye!!!!!

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