Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Kayaking Trip - Narrative

Everything was falling apart. Everyone wasn’t safe here no one was, everyone was gone one by one and we didn’t know how. Emma was young she use to get told stories like fiction stories. She didn’t believe in them until everything fell in pieces. Her mother told her to run as far as you can and to never stop. She was devastated, depressed, nervous so she kept on running and never stopped. She met 3 people that she never saw in her life. Their names were Julie, Lucas, and Maya, they were walking near a lake it was called Lake Champlain.

That lake would lead you somewhere where nobody would ever find you. So they when in their kayaks and started kayaking down the lake. They were spending their lives without food, they were losing hope thinking they couldn’t survive. The sun was setting down and they kayaked near this grass with lots of trees surrounded. They were peacefully asleep until…. Emma woke up she could hear footsteps walking around, she heard noises so she woke up everyone and told them to hurry up and start kayaking. One of them saw them and said “Hey you everyone over here”. They looked furious, angry, scary, they had their huge guns in their hands they were getting ready to shoot.

They quickly ran to the kayaks and started kayaking fast to get away. The others said “Look they're getting away”. But they were too fast for them so the people with the guns walked away. They knew that they will come back but they didn’t know so they kept on kayaking. 3 days have been past and they were scared, worried, depressed but they wouldn’t give up. They didn’t see those people again so they were safe, so they kept on kayaking and kayaking, and kayaking and finally they found land. They kayaked so fast and when they got in land there was heaps of people their, so they thought that maybe they escaped as well.

Everyone was safe but they weren’t safe for long. To be continued….

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