Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Hoilday recount hope you enjoy it.

  During the school holidays I went to the hospital to see my Aunty because she had a baby and it was a boy he had a name but i don’t know how to spell it.I went with my cousins her name was Aliyah and the other one was her brother Thats my cousin and i went with her Aunty and her cousins and my Sister.In the hospital there was a TV in a room where kids and familys can go and its called a whano room there was a playground outside and another room where you can have a race aganist someone.So me and my Sister and my cousins went to a vending mahine and got stuff but me and my Sister didn’t get anything we just went to take my cousin to bye something out of it.My dad and me went to bye my Aunty a gift for her baby he was so cute.Some ladys came to take the baby to have a few blod test while me my cousin,Sister went to feel our hearts what nurses do with people.And i don’t know which day i went but i think it was on thursday. On friday my Aunty was still at hospital she was coming back on saturday with her baby Boy when she was at the hospital we wanted to come but we weren’t aloud so my cousin Aliyah slept over my house it was so fun we played heaps of game’s it was so fantastic.For dinner we had some delicious food it was called KFC it was so yummy we wanted some more.On saturday we went to check if my Aunty was home and she was so we went to check the baby he was so cute then we picked some fruits like apples and some other things and when i looked in my mom's bag there was a big as feijoa i think thats how you spell it so me and my cousin ate one but we halved it because there wasn’t that much. We ate it with a spoon so we don’t get it in our hand’s it looked like it was rotten but it wasn’t it was nice in the inside.I had a wonderful and fun day it was so fun we saw a women from riverside that was at the hospital too.So i had a fun day during the school hoildays did you.

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