Thursday, 15 May 2014

My story about milks in schools.

Each week a milk truck comes to a school and they come to give milk in a box and they put it into a refrigerator so it will be nice and cold to drink.When you want milk kids come and hands it out to people so they can drink.Milk it really healthy because it helps you get strong and milk helps you get energy.Milk is important because you won’t get any broken arms and leg and things.Milk is healthy.Our body has to be filled with healthy things so as milk.
how to drink it dry. When you drink  milk and you are not sure if your done then you have to drink it dry.when you're nearly finished there might be some left because if you throw it in the rubbish and there still some more milk in there then the  bin will get stinky.
first reason why milk is important .The milk is important because they  help you because if you're still tired at school the milk would put heaps of energy into your body.When you are finished and you drank it dry and the milk is all gone you have to fold it flat because it makes roof tops for house’s.
And someone comes takes the bin with the milk bottles in it so they can make things out of it and after that you send it back.So you drink it dry, fold it flat,and send it back,And thats what you do. When you drank it dry and you fold it flat and you throw it into the bin that helps too because it helps our planet get clean and tidy because we might step in things that might be hard and sharp.Our school gets milk every tuesdays and thursdays we get it during our class time and it takes time and when they come with milk people just wants some because it taste so nice.
first reason why do we get milk.We get milk because it helps us with our writing and it keeps you wide awake so you don’t get tired and it helps you with your swimming and anything else it just taste so yummy. yay milk.Thanks for reading.

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