Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Magic Beans!!!!!

Magic beans!!!

On a sunday afternoon at 1:00pm on the 24 on may Jack was going on a walk. Jack and his mum lived in america in a small village. Until jack saw a wise man.

The wise man said “ hey young boy do want a trade for these beans” said the wise man. Then Jack said “ nah its just beans” But the wise man said “ oh no these aren’t just ordinary beans these are magic beans”. So Jack said “Okay”. Then Jack gave over his donkey and the wise man gave his magic beans. But the wise man said “ plant it in your garden and it will change your life”.

So the wise man took off. Jack went home and was going out to his backyard but his mum saw the beans in his pocket and said “ Jack come over here”. So Jack went to his mum. And his mum said “ whats that”, then Jack said “what do you mean”. So Jacks mum pulled the magic beans out of his pocket and she said “you silly boy go to your room”. Then Jack went up to his room. After Jack went up to his room his mum chucked the magic beans outside.

It started raining. Then the magic beans started growing. Jack woke up and had breakfast but when he was having breakfast he couldn’t believe it. There was a huge beanstalk. So Jack walked outside And looked at the beanstalk. After he looked at the beanstalk he started climbing.

He was so tired but he was still climbing. Finally he was finished climbing. When he was walking he saw a castle. So he ran inside of the castle and saw a giant sleeping. Then he looked around the room and saw a chicken laying golden eggs. Then Jack stole the chicken and a golden harp. The giant woke up and said “ hey give me back my stuff”. But Jack said “NEVER”. But the giant was chasing him down the beanstalk and ran as fast as he could but the giant fell down the beanstalk and then, the giant died so Jack and his mother was no longer poor again.  

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