Thursday, 7 May 2015

my game review

Name of Game: ? run 2

Link to Game: ? run 2

How do you score/ win: ? you score by jumping on blocks and jumping on the side of the blocks and then you go onto another level and it gets harder. When you go onto another level that means you won but if you don’t go onto the other level you lost.

Difficulty: 5/10

Fun: 10/10

Description: The game is called Run 2 it's a fun game that some people play if their board. If you want to find this game it’s on cool maths game. On run 2 you have to jump on blocks and on the side of the blocks so you can reach the other level. I would recommend people playing this game because it’s all about having fun on this game and you might want to tell a friend, and then they would want to play it too. On this game there's heaps of levels and you can play it with a friend and you can try beat them so thats, why I recommend people playing this game. The reasons about his game. 1 its fun, 2 its really fun.

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