Thursday, 10 December 2015


 Talofa lava my name is paige and as you can see I have applied for  ambassadors. And this year I have tried hard to level up my  learning and using lots of different ways to do it. I have created  movies, post, and I have got better and better and, yes I do share  them on my blog and on, my class blog of course. Everyday I have  learn't to use better ways to solve maths problems,  
 reading, writing as well, and even sports. 

In writing I have been learning to write exciting stories, and how to make my story better and better. We also brainstormed our ideas of what we are going to write and so we don't get confused of what we are going to write. When we start writing we write an interesting introduction so, we can hook your reader and they might want to actually read our story. But also when they read our story we have to tell every single paragraph about one big main idea, and that helps me alot. In maths I have learnt a lot of ways to solve my maths problems, it gets difficult a lot but it helps us learn, to solve maths problems in different ways, that has happened to me to, but I got the hang of it and then It started getting easier. Every day we sometimes solve maths problems with Mr Baxendine, our teacher has made us learn new things to solve it each and every single day. I also learn my basic facts properly and it definitely helps me alot. In reading it also helps me as well. Reading is definitely my favorite subject in class. But the best class this year and this term is extension because I have to learn harder stuff than doing normal stuff in class, it actually helps me too because, it levels my learning and it gets me to a high stage.

This term our theme is survivors. And I have been learning how animals will change its environment and how they change to survive. So if you go on my blog and scroll through you can see my animation about survivors. It took a long time to do my animation but it's now finish. But since our theme is survivors I have learnt lots of new things about it. It also levels up my learning too.

In 2016 I would love to be an ambassador because it gives me an huge opportunity to show visitors my learning and it will be the first time in forever. So my movie is what I have shared on my blog so people can see why I have applied for ambassadors. 

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