Thursday, 10 December 2015

Bee reflection!!!


Hi my name is Paige and this term we have given a task to do, a project about bee’s. While we were working on our projects we have, been learning new things about bee’s. Also we have heard that bees are really important!!! So today rosemary the beekeeper is coming in with a real beehive, We were so super excited!!! So I rushed to extension and when I got their the, beekeeper was already here!!! But the beekeeper wasn’t the only person that was here, there was also the actual beehive, with bees in it!!!

After a while we have been asking her questions, so we asked her “How long have you been working with bees”. Rosemary said “About 12 years” we were surprised. Well I was mostly shocked, that's when I knew Rosemary cared about bees and if she was working with bees then that means bees were really important. She told us lots of facts about bees that we didn’t know!!! She showed us photos and lots more. So we looked at the bees again and, if you looked closer there, was honey in there. I could barely see it because all the bees were covering it. It was finally time that Rosemary had to go, we stayed for a little while and we took a photo with her. Now we know why bees are important because, Rosemary taught us heaps of facts that we did not know.

The End

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