Thursday, 11 February 2016

Duffy Assembly!!!!

On Tuesday the February 9th we went to a Duffy assembly in our school hall. We were walking in a straight line and heading off to go to the Duffy assembly. We walked into the hall and sat in a line that was a little bit in a zigzag line. It was too hot I couldn't even breath, but I sat down anyways. When we were watching the Duffy show it was like time traveling you know like, the Doctor Who book. But far I was really excited. Time went on and the Duffy show was finally finished, I learned a lot from the Duffy show. Because its kinda weird but what I learnt from the Duffy show, is always read wherever you are because, it takes you places you have never been before, you might not get what I mean but you will figure it out anyways well that's the end see you later!!!!

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