Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Immersion Assembly - Teacher Vengers!!!!

Bang! Kapoof! Yes it was finally here, the first day of school and everyone was so thrilled, to see what their team was doing. I was wondering what our crazy teachers were going to do for this term. I was walking around the school and I saw Mr Somerville dressed like Captain America, you know the one from Marvel Avengers. And I said to myself what is our teachers up to now! We all sat in the hall and we started watching movies from other Teams.

My teachers from Team 4 was so crazy they did like a superhero movie. And our movie was called Teacher Vengers. Our Team 4 movie was so funny and cool at the same time! Mr Somerville was dressed like Captain America, but his name was Team Leader America! Mrs Lavakula was dressed like wonder women but instead, her name was wondering women! Mr Goodwin was acting like BatMan but, instead of BatMan it was Bat Guy! Mr Baxendine wasn't exactly a human he was kinda like, a teddy bear and his name was Bear Baxendine!

So this Term our topic is called As I See It and it is all about art. And for Team 4 we are learning about superheros and comic book art. And this is going to be super fun! I can’t wait to see what we are going to be doing in class it will be spectacular.

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