Saturday, 21 May 2016

( Superhero Character Description )

Meet Fearless Shadow the Terminator!!! He is Strong, and incredibly amazing. His superpowers are, flight, teleportation, super speed, and super strength. Fearless Shadow is the age 18 years old. He might be young but he is super strong.

Fearless Shadows mission is to help people in need, like if they need help with their homework… Just kidding if they need help like if someone stole from them he will help them no matter what. Fearless Shadow can also predict the future. He also has dark brown eyes like dark chocolate. And of course black hair like an American Black bear. 

He has the best suit that any superhero could possibly wear. Its a full black suit with a bit of silver on it, along with a black and silver cape. And of course black shoes with a little bit of detail with the colour silver. So his suit is pretty much the colour black and silver. But he is incredibly handsome it's like no can resist him.

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