Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble


On a cold and freezing day the Avengers were getting stronger and stronger! And as they were getting stronger Mr Freeze wanted, their powers so he could turn the whole world to snow and take over the whole wide world! Mr Freeze has been studying about their powers for years, days, even months…. So Mr Freeze set up his own villain team to fight and get their powers! On the other side the Avengers felt like something was weird?? They felt like someone was coming after them and indeed someone was was. But not just one a whole army of them and that was not good. The Avengers were getting ready to fight just in case someone bad was going to do something to them!

The sun was setting down slowly and no danger has come to the Avengers so they thought that everything was all right. The sun was down and the moon rises up high in the night sky, the Avengers were asleep and the only one that was awake was Iron Man. Iron man was keeping watch of them just in case Mr Freeze decided to take a visit. So Iron man saw a spark in the sky and saw lots of villains coming toward them. Iron man woke everyone up but as soon as he went to go get them to fight their powers were already gone. Iron man felt weird because if he got defeated by Mr Freeze he knows that everyone will be gone and there will be nobody, left to save the world the people.

The Avengers were 2 weak they couldn't even stand up because Mr Freeze took their powers including their strength. So it was up to Iron man to save the day and to save his friends before it's 2 late. Mr Freeze got even stronger but the only thing that would make him even stronger was Iron man's powers. Mr Freeze got defeated by Iron man and all of the Avengers powers were back. They got their Strength back and they did a party for Iron man to celebrate him for saving their lives, well for saving everyone's lives.

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