Friday, 24 June 2016

Real Life Heroes!

In 1969 John Rend-all and Anthony Ace rescued a little lion cub which they named Christian the lion. People thought that they were crazy like, why would anyone care and help a little lion. But John and Ace didn't care about what the others said. They just knew that everyone needs another chance. Back at John an Ace’s home they cared for the lion and did everything they could for him until he grew up.

Christian the lion was slowly growing and growing. So it was time for John and Ace to release Christian into the wild in south Africa. After 1 year Christian’s former owners decided to visit him again. They wanted to visit him again to see if, Christian would remember them or not. And indeed Christian did remember them. Christian the lion also became the king and the leader of his pride. And Christian also introduced his former owners to his wife.

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