Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Is the technology a P.E.D { Performance Enhancing Drug }

The technology that is used for athletes can be an unfair advantage, meaning that they can win easily. The cost of the technology means that it can only be used by athletes that can actually afford the technology.

For Example - The technology that athletes are using can be considered as cheating because now all of the olympic athletes are winning now all of a sudden? And since the olympics have been here and gone, records have been way faster than it ever was before, like that's impossible. It’s just like an athlete that's sprinting will win if they have the technology, unlike the others without the technology wouldn’t win, because without the technology they will never win. Well… they would win if its possible. Its just the same as swimming it’s just the same thing. So do you see what I am trying to tell you here? Maybe not? Did you know back in the days the olympic records have been the same like, every 12 years until now records are being broken like every time the olympics come, that's IMPOSSIBLE!

And the technology has also been considered as a P.E.D. Why? Because if someone can afford the technology and the other person can’t then, the person with the technology is like more likely to you know win. So from the looks of it this isn’t fair, it’s just like if you were to use P.E.D and that is way not fair either. And another thing is what happens if like a country or a bunch, of athletes were like poor and were very low on money. They won’t be able to afford running shoes they wouldn’t even be able to afford, the technology. But unlike other people that are rich, they will have everything they need to compete during the olympics, like forget it they can even buy a mansion or 100 houses.  

So I think that the technology should have like limits and rules put in place about the technology because, it isn’t fair for the people that can’t afford the technology. Well I know some of yous will agree with me well maybe not maybe no one will. But what do you think?? Please feel free to comment below and what do you think?? Do you think that the technology is a P.E.D??

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