Thursday, 11 August 2016


So what makes the Olympics so special? So a long time ago the Olympics was an Ancient Greek tradition. All of the athletes across the land always got together to compete in the sport events. But now the Olympics are held once every four years! And the Olympics also gave a chance for one country to show the world what they can do! So now all of the athletes come together as one to compete in sports! And that’s what makes the Olympics so special!

So as everyone knows if you're getting ready to either play rugby, netball, or swimming you have to always train your hardest. So what's some of the things that help athletes train? So just imagine if you were going to be sprinting to compete in the Olympics? You would have to wake up early, eat healthy and train for about 4 to 5 hours a day or a week? But you don’t always have to do that you could do it a different way compared to what I just told you? If you're not interested in sprinting we could just talk about swimming? So what's something that swimmers do to train their hardest? Swimmers wear tight clothing to help them go faster. So the wind can go sort of over them to help them go faster. Well something like that but yea let's move on to the next paragraph.


At the Olympics there are all sorts of things that help the athletes win? Just like hyper speed cameras. Hyper speed cameras record things that go fast or if someone is running fast! It helps the athletes to get better or become better at what, they have to work on while their running. While sprinting sprinters always wear shoes. But shoes that they think that will make them go fast? There's all sort of shoes and brands that athletes wear? But did you notice that a long time ago that running shoes had spikes under them to help them grip onto the race track? It's fascinating, I didn’t even know that until now? But look how much the technology has changed now?

In every Olympic game when somebody wins? They have all sorts of emotions that they feel because they won of course? You could either feel thrilled, Ecstatic, Delighted. Why?? Well ummmm it's obvious because like imagine if you won the Olympic games? Everyone will be proud of you. Your friends, family, teachers, well your whole country will be proud of you! And if you win the Olympics you get paid thousands of dollars!! And I mean like thousands!!! You could even search it up and you will see how much you get if you won the Olympic games. If you watch some of the Olympic videos you will see how much reactions there was. People were crying because they trained for so long and their training has paid off because they have won!!!

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