Friday, 2 December 2016

A wild adventure!


A long time ago 2 kids were born, their names were Bella and Max. They were both brother and sisters and they loved to adventure. However in their village their was a cave that lead to a magical place where no one has ever been, where no one has ever saw, or seen? Only because they were not allowed, the person that was the leader of the village said that it was dangerous, so they believed him but the thing was that they didn’t know, that he was only lying! And his name was Lukas the 4th.

Bella and Max would play games in the forest, jungle, at the waterfall until they decided that they wanted to go on a real adventure. The next day they ran out of the house and went to the waterfall! Bella was swinging off vines and falling into the water until she, saw something shiny, something beautiful! So she went to where it was shiny and saw a big massive cave, and then she said “Brother look at this we should go and look”. But Max said “No we cannot Lukas will get us in trouble”.

So Max and Bella went back home to make sure that they don’t get in trouble or anything. In the middle of the night Bella couldn’t stand a chance but to go and look in the cave so she snuck out and ran. Bella couldn’t believe her eyes so she decided to go and explore what was hiding behind the cave. The sun was shining and Max was looking for Bella? He was worried and so as his mother. They didn’t know where to look but the only place where they could find her was in the cave.

Max and his mother walked near the cave, and they were surprised to see what was hiding behind it. It was magical it was unbelievable! It was another world! Until Lukas found them and said “I thought I told you not to come here”. Bella saw them and her mother said “We are sorry we will go back”. Bella ran down to them and said “You lied you said that we were not allowed to come here because it was dangerous”. Bella was furious! She said “All these times you were lying to us how could you!

Bella, Max, and their mother told everyone that Lukas was lying to them so they all got rid of Lukas the 4th and went to go and see what was hiding behind the cave. They built a new village and their new leader was Bella. Everyone was safe and happy and they started a new life behind the cave. The end!

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