Friday, 2 December 2016

Behind the door!


(], via Wikimedia Commons Years ago their was a girl with dark, hazel hair with blue eyes and her name was Abby. Abby grew up with her best friend Lucinda. Lucinda had dark black hair, with green eyes and a red bow that she would wear above her hair. The two of them did everything together and they would never leave each other’s side. One day the sun shone through Abby’s window flashing it into her eyes. White birds that were like snow were chirping softly. Abby sprinted outside and went to go play with Lucinda.

As they were playing they decided they wanted to go and play in the forest, that was near their small village that they lived in. They were zooming around the mossy, green grass, until Lucinda came across this crusty old door. The door was light brown, with smashed windows and bugs hanging around it. They wanted to go and discover what was behind the door but as soon as the sun was setting down slowly, they knew that they needed to go back home quickly.

The next day Lucinda went over to Abby’s home and they sat, together on the table. Lucinda whisperly said, “Abby maybe we should go back and go to that weird looking door?”. Abby whispered, “But we are not allowed what if we get in trouble?”. Lucinda Whispered, “Just say that we are going to play like usual, and then we will run to that mysterious door”. Abby nervously said, “Fine sounds like a plan!”. They ran into the forest with excitement but as soon as they reached the door, they stopped and stared…

They were worried and scared because they didn’t know what was behind that door. Lucinda slowly put her hands on the handle, and was opening it slowly. The door was making a squeaky sound and it was loud. The door was finally opened but then Abby softly said, “Ummm who's going first through the door?”. Lucinda said, “You are I ain’t going through the door first!”. So they both decided to go throught it together and as soon as they stepped one foot through the door, it was breathtaking.

There was animals running around, and people living there as well, it was magical. It’s like they entered a whole new world. This girl came and said, “So I am guessing you’s don’t know about this place?”. They looked at each other and said “Yep we just found this door and we found this place!”. She said, “This is a secret place so you can come whenever you like just don’t tell anybody promise”. And they shouting, “We promise”. They ran back home and every time they would play, they would always go through that door! The End.

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