Thursday, 19 February 2015

Using your W.I.T.S

Today I am going to talk about using your W.I.T.S. At Pt england school we always use our W.I.T.S.

W means walk away. For example if someone was being mean to you and pushing you around just walk away because if you walk away nobody  will get hurt and nobody will get into trouble.

I means ignore it. Another example, if someone was say mean words to you and talking to you when you don’t even want to talk to them just ignore it then it will let you stay out of trouble.

The third word is T it means talk about it. Lets say if someone was being mean to you and you were being mean back just talk about because if you talk about it then no one would get in trouble and then you can become friends.

The last word is S it means seek help. Seek help is an important word because if someone was crying or hurt or having a fight just seek help, then everything will be okay and that person is happy.

By using your W.I.T.S its always the best way by using it because when people use their W.I.T.S it will solve anything even if there's a problem or if someone is hurt. Always use your W.I.T.S because people might need to use their W.I.T.S if anythings is going on.

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